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Why do hockey pitches get watered?

Have you ever wondered why a hockey field is always wet during a game? Well, it’s because the addition of water to the artificial turf actually improves the performance of the athletes by reducing friction and increasing the speed of the game. The addition of the water also helps to reduce the wear and tear on these surfaces, increasing the longevity of the pitch.

How often you should water the pitch all comes down to the type of surface that’s used to construct the hockey field, so let’s take a look at that right now.

Three types of artificial hockey surfaces

Whilst there are three different types of surfaces for hockey pitches, Polytan only uses the first two for reasons that will become clear.

Wet/Hybrid surfaces:

These types of surfaces are becoming increasingly popular as people try to reduce their water consumption. Currently, Polytan has four systems that use this wet/hybrid mix, as follows.

  • Aquaturf Evolution: A hard wearing and high performance synthetic surface that allows players to achieve high speeds whilst offering excellent water efficiency.
  • Olympia Coolplus: A superior and very durable surface enhancing both playability and comfort, factors that are important for elite athletes. Olympia Coolplus uses patented technology that keeps the surface cool even on very hot days.
  • Platinum Coolplus: This is Polytan’s fastest hockey surface and has been designed to meet the expectations of elite athletes. This surface also uses the Coolplus system.
  • Tokyo GT: This is the newest hockey surface on the market making it the highest performing, fastest and most environmentally friendly wet/hybrid system. It also uses the Coolplus system and includes filaments made from 60% regrowable raw materials.

Sand Dressed:

These are designed on the principle that adding sand to the fibres keeps the turf more upright and vertical, providing a faster play and a more durable system. Generally, these playing surfaces are dressed in sand to about 2/3 the height of the fibres, so the game is still played on the sports surface.

  • Aquaturf SL: Suitable for approximately 40 hours of play this artificial surface does not require watering (although it can be watered during play) and is ideal for national level games. It’s a great option for drought prone areas.
  • H2OZ Coolplus: Suitable for more than 50 hours play per week, this surface is a premium soft turf with high durability and playability for all level of participants up to national levels. It can be used for either a ‘dry’ play or watered play, so is ideal for areas where water is restricted.

Sand Filled:

These are artificial surfaces that are usually filled to the brim with sand or similar filler, so that the infill sits at the top of the fibres. It’s a method that is used to help maintain the upright positioning of the fibres, however it often requires watering to prevent undue compaction. Polytan does not include sand filled surfaces in their range of hockey systems and focuses on wet/hybrid options and sand dressed surfaces.

Polytan is at the forefront of hockey pitch technology and will continue to develop new surfaces that maximise player performance and are environmentally sustainable.

For more information on Polytan’s hockey pitch surfaces, call our Head Office on 1800 663 812 or send us an email enquiry.


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