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Over the years, Polytan has accumulated an impressive depth of knowledge and experience by tailoring construction solutions to a wide range of clients. We understand every project has its own unique and specific requirements, therefore, offering customised and tailored solutions.


Our in-house engineering team make the initial assessment to ensure your project is not over or, more importantly, under designed.

No outsourcing, no third party recommendations and fees, just a good, skillful engineering team eager to assist.


Our in-house engineering and project management team have a number of major, high-profile projects under their belt and are aware of the requirements and more importantly the pitfalls that can be encountered.


Polytan construction and project management personnel are experienced and trained to ensure our teams follow world’s best practice in building techniques. Polytan is dedicated to having a fully staffed engineering division turning ideas into realised projects.


Polytan provides first-class advice and well-credentialed partners dedicated to field and court maintenance.


We recognize the project elements that are best handled by the professionals, and our crews have vast experience; ranging from regional outlying areas through to Olympic level.


Years of listening to and working with clients across a wide spectrum of sporting associations, has provided Polytan a clear understanding of what is required to deliver sporting facilities and synthetic surfaces that exceed our client’s expectations. We understand every project has its own unique and specific requirements. Therefore, we offer customised and tailored solutions.

Our clients can take advantage of our vertically integrated offering, which comprises design, construction and maintenance.

Having Polytan involved from the initial concept for your project will greatly benefit the result. You will get to draw on our in-depth knowledge, experience and track record to plan a great quality outcome for your project.

Whatever you require, we are confident our knowledge, expertise and flexibility will ultimately deliver the best result for your project.


Our in-house engineering team can provide an initial assessment to ensure your project is designed to suit your needs and budget. Polytan’s optimum result will be offered to ensure a site specific, sport compliant layout is established with suitable infrastructure and value-for-money surface solutions.

Our in-house design team has global experience and local knowledge to deliver a co-ordinated and flexible approach for local solutions.

The team employs the same level of focus, expertise and commitment when designing a multi-purpose sports field in a local community as it does when designing a multi-million dollar Olympic Games facility.

Did you know?

Our project design team:

  • Comprises of experienced civil engineers and project managers who will understand your vision.
  • Has a comprehensive understanding of the construction requirements for all the various global sporting bodies.
  • Brings world-class touches to your design, using our significant international experience.
  • Works closely with your team during your project’s planning and development approval phase.
  • Develops detailed specifications and documentation for construction work.
  • Combines local knowledge and global innovation.


Our in-house engineering and project management teams have a number of impressive, high-profile projects under the belt and are aware of the requirements and pitfalls that can be encountered during construction and installing of a sports surface. We improve and update regularly to bring you the best options for your dedicated sport or multi-sport requirements.

Effective project management is the key to the success of our integrated project delivery process. Our project managers play a vital role in monitoring and improving quality, safety and productivity.

As every project is unique, we assess the degree of project management you require very early, according to your requests and expectations. We recommend our project managers get involved in your project from day one, ensuring your every need is met up front!

Did you know?

Our project management team has:

  • Extensive experience in managing sports facility projects across various climates and regions.
  • A focus on safety for everyone involved in the project, both on and offsite.
  • Intensive in-house training regarding our sports surfaces, their application and installation.
  • Strong communication skills and knowledge of what the completed facility will be.
  • A responsive attitude to service, by promptly dealing with requests and alterations as required.

They co-ordinate all teams to get the job done, so your project is hassle-free.


Polytan construction and project management personnel are experienced and trained to ensure our teams follow world’s best practice in building techniques. We are dedicated to turning your ideas into solutions.

Our Project Methodology covers detailed attention to:

  • Initial site assessment
  • Preparation of site-specific design
  • Site documentation
  • WH&S, environmental and quality planning
  • Bulk earthworks and site preparation
  • Drainage
  • Pavement construction
  • Edge detail and fencing
  • Sports lighting
  • Concrete works
  • Surface system manufacture, installation and testing
  • Landscaping and retaining walls

Combining our skills with local expertise

We understand that local knowledge is essential to a successful outcome. Our construction approach begins with the combination of technical assessment and consultation with locals. Relevant authorities are always consulted to ensure regulatory compliance. Where possible, we can include our strong network and their construction capability if cost efficiencies through previous knowledge will provide a benefit.

Take confidence that your new sports surface is backed by our construction guarantee.


After sales care – Keeping your surface in top shape for years to come.

Polytan provides ongoing after sales care for the life of your product, providing first-class advice for field and court maintenance. Knowing your project from the beginning, means you will also have an understanding of how best to provide successful ongoing care for your new asset.

We recommend a combination of a twice-annual professional service and regular care (undertaken by facility staff or Polytan) in strict accordance with our Maintenance and Operation Manuals. This will maximise usage for the synthetic surface and save precious money in the long term, most notably towards the end of the surface life expectancy.

Did you know?

  • Ongoing care and maintenance are structured to provide longevity and maintain top shelf playability for your facility.
  • You can get heavily involved or leave it to the experts with minimal heartache.
  • Extensive training and ongoing maintenance assistance is art of the deal with Polytan, along with access to check-up visits and advice.
  • We are around for the life of your sports facility or synthetic sports surface with tips on how to keep your sports surface working in the latter years.
  • We provide you with all the information you want from a partner to get the most out of your new asset, including log books to assess the suitability of the process.


We recognise those project elements that are best handled by alternative professional and capable suppliers. These activities include:

  • Bulk Excavation
  • Civil Works and Materials Supply
  • Drainage
  • Asphalting and Concreting
  • Electrical and Sports Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Fencing
  • Sports Equipment
  • Water Harvesting
  • Landscaping

Keen, talented local companies may have the skill and interest to be involved in the associated works and a willingness to contribute to the project.

Our helpful, on-staff qualified project managers can offer the necessary guidance to bring a winning result to your community, and involve these companies to ensure they have the confidence to get involved.

Early consultation with these Companies can heighten enthusiasm within the community and establish a state of ‘how can I get involved’ with interested people.


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