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Victoria Square Stage 2


Project Name:

Victoria Square Stage 2



Footscray, VIC


Completion Date:

September 2023



LU Simon


Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

Spurtan WT

Project Overview:

Polytan successfully completed the second stage of the Victoria Square project in Footscray, Victoria. This phase involved the installation of our Spurtan WT rainbow blue running track expanding the rooftop facility to include an impressive 350lm, 2 lane running track. Stage 1 of the project was initiated in 2021.

Partnering with LU Simon Polytan installed a state-of-the-art rooftop running track in Port Melbourne. This project posted unique challenges due to its location, but Polytan’s expertise allowed us to create a remarkable rooftop space.


  • Space Constraints: The rooftop location posed limitations for expanding the running track while maximising space utility around the existing building.
  • Aesthetics: The client sought an aesthetically pleasing track that would complement the rooftop’s overall design.

Polytan’s Solution:

Polytan recommended the Spurtan WT rainbow blue running track due to its superior qualities. The polyurethane track not only provides exceptional durability but also offers an eye-catching rainbow blue colour option perfect for enhancing the rooftop’s visual appeal.

Project Execution:

  • Site Preparation: Polytan’s team meticulously prepared the rooftop to ensure a flat and stable surface for the track installation.
  • Base Layer Installation: A specialised base layer was applied to provide cushioning and stability.
  • Spurtan WT Installation: The rainbow blue running track was expertly installed.
  • Quality Assurance: Stringent quality checks were conducted to guarantee the track’s performance and durability.

The completion of Stage 2 has transformed VIC Square’s rooftop into a premier athletic facility. The 2-lane running track not only enhances the space for fitness enthusiasts but also adds an attractive and vibrant element to the rooftop’s aesthetics. The Rainbow Blue track, known for its longevity, requires minimal maintenance, ensuring it remains in top condition for years to come.


The Results:

Polytan’s installation of the Spurtan WT Rainbow Blue running track at Victoria Square in Footscray is a testament to our commitment of providing highquality, visually appealing sports surface solutions. This project showcases how we overcome space constraints to create an outstanding rooftop fitness facility