Value added extras you should consider for your sports facility
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Value added extras you should consider for your sports facility

If your sports club is looking to upgrade their home base, several factors need to be considered. One of these – and perhaps the most important – is budget. A rarely considered, but potentially viable option is to look at turning your space into a multi-use sporting facility. This can encourage more locals to visit your facility and join your club, as well as offering greater options for spectators. These benefits can increase community engagement and your facility’s revenue.

Whilst changing to a multi-use facility is not an overnight project and will bring its own set of challenges, with careful consideration and planning, the venture can provide increased flexibility for your club and an enhanced income stream moving forward.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your sports facility, here are some practical ideas to consider:

Multiuse tennis courts

If you already have a synthetic tennis court at your club, with a little ingenuity it can also be used at certain times of the day by soccer or hockey teams to practise their skills. With a retractable tennis net and mobile goals added near the fence lines at each end of the court, it allows you to hire out the surface to schools or clubs for this purpose and generate additional income. You can even include badminton and volleyball options in your tennis courts by changing the types of nets.

Multisport courts and fields

Then of course, another option is to create multiuse courts that can be used for tennis, basketball or netball, as well as multiuse fields that can be used for cricket, futsal, soccer, rugby union andrugby league. Combining multisport courts and fields with some creative landscaping also helps to encourage the community to explore your facility.

The key to these multisport areas is line markings, whether this is for a full or half court or even a whole playing field. The optimum solution is to outline a court for three different sports, as any more than three can become quite confusing. It’s the best way to gain maximum functionality from limited spaces and is ideal if you have a tight budget.

Line markings on fields for multiple sports is usually undertaken on natural grass, but grass is high maintenance, and the lines need to be repainted regularly as the grass grows, obscuring the lines. Lines on synthetic grass, however, are permanent and require minimal maintenance, which will again save you money in the long-term.

Additional upgrades for sports facilities

Practice walls and rebound nets take up limited space and can easily be installed next to exterior walls or fence lines. They’re a very affordable way to increase the use of your sports facility, perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and warming up before a game.

Temporary volleyball and badminton courts can also be erected and taken down, whether it be inside or outdoors. They require minimal line marking (sometimes you can even get away with no lines) and all you need to do is set up a sand pit outside and a net, and you are good to go!

There are numerous other upgrades, including lighting that can be designed to allow use across a variety of different sports. Additional carparking will ensure there are adequate spaces for a potential increase in visitors, landscaping will give the venue improved aesthetic appeal, spectator seating will increase capacity to fans and increase door takings, and digitalised scoreboards will help automate processes and reduce ongoing overheads.

Careful planning will help you decide which of these upgrades are feasible and worth investing in. At the end of the day, increasing access to a diverse range of quality sporting and recreational facilities and programs will give your sports club greater appeal, and encourage regular participation and ongoing activity at the venue.

For information on our synthetic sports surfaces or to discuss upgrading your facilities, call our Head Office on 1800 663 812 or send us an email enquiry.



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