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UQ Sport

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Project Name:

UQ Sport



St.Lucia, QLD


Completion Date:

August 2016



UQ Sport


Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

Poligras H2OZ COOLplus, Poligras 238 COOLplus (Now called XXX)

Project Overview:

Faced with a growing student population and tight property boundaries, the University of Queensland along with civil contractors McNab and Polytan used out-of-the-box thinking for the development of two new synthetic sports fields. They looked upwards to the roof of a carpark. However, bringing the idea to life was no easy feat. Constructing synthetic fields above a post-tensioned slab coupled that still adhered to the strict FIH certification guidelines posed a number of challenges.

The project included:
• The installation of the Poligras H2OZ COOLplus synthetic hockey system for the main hockey field.
• The installation of a second hybrid hockey & soccer field using Poligras 238 COOLplus turf with green bionic fibre EPDM infill.

The Results:

With one field catering to the high performance hockey demands of the University, the multi-use functionality of the second field allowed UQ to accommodate the many other sports on offer. Polytan loved the challenge of delivering a state-of-the-art sports facility faced with many obstacles through innovative thinking and expert design and workmanship.