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Oi Hockey Stadium, 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo 2020_0010_GettyImages-1157481707Tokyo 2020_0010_GettyImages-1157481707
Tokyo 2020_0003_Ooi_Hockey_Pitch 1_IMG_9993Tokyo 2020_0003_Ooi_Hockey_Pitch 1_IMG_9993
Tokyo 2020_0002_Ooi_Hockey_Pitch 2_IMG_9953Tokyo 2020_0002_Ooi_Hockey_Pitch 2_IMG_9953
Tokyo 2020_0011_bJp13 221 (73)Tokyo 2020_0011_bJp13 221 (73)
Tokyo 2020_0012_bJp13 212a (3)Tokyo 2020_0012_bJp13 212a (3)
Tokyo 2020_0000_Tokyo 2020 GettyImages-1168530934Tokyo 2020_0000_Tokyo 2020 GettyImages-1168530934
Tokyo 2020_0001_shutterstock_2017099130Tokyo 2020_0001_shutterstock_2017099130
Tokyo 2020_0008_IMG_7988Tokyo 2020_0008_IMG_7988
Tokyo 2020_0009_IMG_7960Tokyo 2020_0009_IMG_7960
Tokyo 2020_0007_IMG_9025Tokyo 2020_0007_IMG_9025
Tokyo 2020_0006_IMG_9456Tokyo 2020_0006_IMG_9456
Tokyo 2020_0005_IMG_9470Tokyo 2020_0005_IMG_9470

Project Name:

Oi Hockey Stadium, 2020 Tokyo Olympics



Tokyo Japan


Completion Date:

July 2019




Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

Poligras Tokyo GT

Project Overview:

Polytan installed our premium hockey turf, Poligras Tokyo GT at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Poligras has been the chosen hockey surface for 7 Olympic Games. With the coloured surrounds in Sydney and Beijing, London’s blue turf, and the textured turf with enhanced water reduction and playablity, the Olympics has always been an opportunity for hockey to showcase its innovation.

Tokyo is no exception; the Poligras Tokyo GT (Green Technology) turfs were designed to meet Tokyo’s carbon neutral ambition. They are made from 60% renewable sugar cane yarns which are laid on a shock pad that consists of fully recycled materials and a binder which is made by capturing CO₂ gas. In addition, the turf requires a third less water than those used in previous Olympic Games.

The Tokyo turf also further supported hockey’s aerial revolution which is taking the game to new levels; the soft fibres allow for the ball to be picked up, and the bounce cushioning means it is easier to control. The first goal by Australia in their semi-final versus Germany shows the box office value of taking hockey to new heights.

We are very proud that 16 of the 24 teams at Tokyo trained on Poligras. In the end, 12 of the quarter-finalists and 6 of semi-finalists were ‘Poligras teams’, which shows that preparing on the competition surface pays off.

The Results:

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