Are we there yet?

Four simple words filled with such anticipation.

The construction of the new synthetic AFL field at Gardiner Park, is progressing steadily with support from Polytan and the Stonnington City Council.

Watched closely by AFL VIC, surrounding community members, sporting enthusiasts, Polytan Ambassador and Melbourne Demons AFLW athlete Laura Duryea, the completion of this facility cannot arrive soon enough!

Polytan are actively supporting the growth of AFL in Victoria and are keen to promote the sport for all age levels from grassroots, right through to the elite. Polytan Ambassador Laura Duryea visited the construction site earlier this week to see how the synthetic field was evolving and to get a feel for what the facility will be like after completion.

“We definitely need more all-weather facilities to support the growing interest in AFL sport. With the popularity of AFLW, communities are already seeing a struggle for suitable facilities that can accommodate the influx of young girls and boys wanting to get out on the field for a kick. Gardiner Park will be an impressive new facility and I hope to see Polytan deliver more of these community gems over the coming years” ~Laura Duryea

As an incredible primary school teacher herself, whilst visiting the site Laura couldn’t resist having a little skills session with some eager young children who simply couldn’t hide their enthusiasm to the new Gardiner Park facility, and how it is coming to life before their eyes.

The facility has ‘turned green’ as we say in the last few weeks, however still has more synthetic turf to be laid, further landscaping works done, performance infill deposited, completion of the shockpad and drainage cell, plus more. Are we there yet? No, but we are getting closer every day!

For more information on Polytan’s synthetic AFL fields, please call our friendly team on 1800 663 812 or send us an email.


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*Images featuring Laura Duryea at the new Gardiner Park facility with eager fans