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Stacey Michelsen (NZ)

Stacey Michelsen (NZ) – is the New Zealand field hockey captain and most commonly known as one of the world’s best field hockey players in the sport.  Stacey is a weapon in pretty much any position on the pitch whether it be defender, midfielder or striker.


Three Fun Facts about Stacey

  • Stacey started playing hockey because both of her sisters played hockey, so it was a family sport.
  • Her most memorable event was winning goals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Stacey’s most influential people in her life are her family who have always supported her


Career Highlights

  • Ranked 1st at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Ranked 2nd at the 2017 World League Finals in New Zealand
  • Ranked 2nd at the 2015 World League Finals in Argentina
  • Ranked 3rd at the 2011 Champions Trophy in Holland


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