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At Polytan we understand that choosing to design and build a new multisport facility or simply to upgrade your existing field or court is a big decision and a commitment to invest. We have a skilled team and tried and tested processes that will help you every step of the way to ensure your investment meets your individual needs.

Your Polytan team can take care of everything for you or be involved as you, the educated client, considers effective. From initial design to manufacturing, from project management of all elements to resurfacing your track. You select, you decide and let us assist… it is all part of the Polytan service.

Our team will ensure that all our works for your multi-purpose sports facility go to plan, and you will be kept informed throughout the entire process. Below is a diagram showing you the steps taken when embarking on this exciting experience.

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The first step to your obtaining your sporting facility is to choose the right company for you. This decision comes down to:

  • Who provides the best initial advice and direction?
  • Do you want to co-ordinate the works with your team and who will provide the best project assistance?
  • Who has a strong track record and been around for long enough?
  • What do their previous customers say and what do those facilities look like after an extended time?
  • Will your selected partner be around to service warranties and offer advice?
  • Who can you rely on to get the best result with a hassle-free process?

We believe when all this is considered Polytan is the partner for you. Then there are a few things you may want to consider before taking the next step, such as:

  • Have you got the best team together your end – this is a significant civil construction project so have you got your expert?
  • What are the hours of use each week?
  • Do you have any physical restrictions or safety concerns?
  • Is the facility home to elite athletes or community participation?
  • What style of construction will suit the location?
  • What will provide the right level of maintenance and future resurfacing costs?
  • How do you marry into adjoining areas?
  • How much is this all likely to cost?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when researching your new sports facility! The good news is we have many answers to your questions.

To discuss your requirements and help with some of your questions, call 1800 663 812 or email us, and we’ll provide all the information you need. We’ve got you covered!


The project is ideal for the site, but is the site ideal for your project?

Ensuring that the proposed location is suitable for the proposed development is a critical consideration. Polytan suggests an early technical assessment of the location to ensure a solid base can be constructed – the basic premise for the success of your project.

Polytan offers recommendations and advice on site assessment, ensuring the appropriate professionals undertake geotechnical analysis and a detailed survey of the location.

This information is essential in determining the likely design considerations and overall project budget. Until you have this work undertaken, the best anyone can offer is a guess at what the project will cost.

It is not rocket science – it is simply best-planning practice.


The next step in the process is to meet and discuss the results with our experienced engineering team, either from the comfort of your own location or in our offices.

IMPORTANT – this does not mean you are committed, you will not get a hard sell, and your wants and needs will be considered.

All Polytan’s engineers have the skills to understand and interpret the site investigation results and the critical issues for your development and sport. In addition, we are thinking about the environmental effects and any possible project conflicts as well as budget considerations.

With your input, we fine-tune everything to create a preliminary design and overlay for your finished multi purpose sports facility.

Once the scope of works is confirmed, it is time to get down to business with preparation of detailed cost estimates. Serious thought goes into this process – it pays dividends in the long run.


Ensuring that the product surface you want to be installed is the best suited for your needs, you may need to know a bit more about your options. We exclusively use our partner company, APT’s Dynapoint®, Evergreen®, LigaTurf or SuperGrasse® ranges for our Multisport surfacing. Quality is the key to a successful result. There are many choices in the market, but a quality product is the only option when it comes to your project – APT’s DYNApoint®, Evergreen®, LigaTurf® or SuperGrasse® ranges are the right choice for you.

APT Asia Pacific manufactures the four key Multisport product ranges in their award-winning, ISO 9001 Certified factory in Melbourne. APT Asia Pacific is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, high performance and environmentally friendly sports and recreational surfacing systems. Working hand-in-hand with our surface supplier affords us the opportunity to ensure that your surface of choice is customised to suit your installation needs. Together with APT, we know Multisports, and we believe a visit to the APT state-of-the-art facility will give you an understanding of the process we bring to your project.

Take the time to visit the factory, talk Multisports and ensure you are an educated buyer.

Why we choose SuperGrasse® for your Multisport Facility.

SuperGrasse® turf systems are designed to perform at optimum levels across various sports. Polytan offers a variety of systems – with or without elastic layer shock pads; short, medium and long pile, and multi-game line configurations. SuperGrasse® multi-sport fields are ideal for high schools, colleges, community sporting associations and medium level competition facilities.

Our SuperGrasse® multi-sports surfaces have been designed to suit a wide range of applications, with a selection of bright colours and in-built lines. You can convert a dusty, poorly used court into a bright and inviting multipurpose facility that children will love to play on, all year round. Enjoy the benefits of maximising your space. This long pile turf is constructed using monofilament yarn. Aesthetically it resembles a well-manicured lawn, which is in-filled with sand and rubber making the surface durable, soft and extremely popular with children of all ages. SuperGrasse® systems are clean and free draining and are available in bright colours that will enhance any school. SuperGrasse® is the most popular SuperGrasse® turf product used in school sports fields. These multi-purpose playing surfaces cater to various court sports i.e. netball, basketball, tennis, handball, hop-scotch, running tracks and more. No Water! No Dust! No Mud! No Pesticides! No Worries!

Why we choose LigaTurf® for your Multisport Facility.

Our LigaTurf® system is second to none. The quality, durability and unequalled performance makes this a perfect choice for your school, college or university application. It is pleasantly soft and provides a natural feel for the players. A proven performer in schools and institutions across the Asia Pacific region.

When making your selection consider which sporting application system will best suit your intended use? Will you only be playing elite soccer on this field or is this perhaps a community project where a budget option with multi-sport capabilities would apply? Whatever your needs, we have a LigaTurf® surface to suit.

Evergreen multisport

Why we choose Evergreen® for your Multisport Facility.

Evergreen® is a great synthetic grass surface for high use play area applications. No mowing, no watering, UV resistant, child and pet-friendly, environmentally friendly… Evergreen® is your all purpose synthetic lawn and landscape grass. It’s tough, soft and could be described as the ‘Broad Leaf Buffalo’ of synthetic turf. Made from technologically advanced yarn gives this turf a manicured look with unsurpassed durability.

Why we choose DYNApoint® for your Multisport Indoor Facility.

DYNApoint® is an excellent impact resistant multipurpose floor, ideal for those indoor facilities where control of activity is not possible but sports performance is essential. Perfect for schools, colleges and sporting clubs, this hard-wearing, self-leveling polyurethane range is ideal for multisport activity and ideal to revitalize your old polyurethane flooring.

DYNApoint® is the ultimate sports flooring system suitable for all indoor sports, gymnasiums, basketball and indoor tracks. This acrylic sports surfacing system can be customised to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into indoor surfaces. It is easy to maintain, and re-coating can extend a court’s playing life or transform it completely. DYNApoint® offers a range of products suitable for all indoor requirements.


OK, it is time to get serious, and Polytan understands this is crunch time!

Our design will ensure specific works packages are prepared for pricing from various selected partners and appropriate local companies. Sufficient time is provided for them to consider their costs and involvement, and communication during this process removes the need for unnecessary contingencies to be applied.

Our submission will be thorough and complete with any clarifications or exclusions clearly identified. You can rely on our detailed pricing breakdown to cover all the requirements – no hidden costs.

Post tender interviews, presentations, discussions and clarifications are deemed essential – and if you do not ask all the right questions, we will.

Polytan always offers a draft contract for your consideration and work within the Australian Standard as required by you.


Time to hold hands and jump in – commitment is now required by both parties!

You are committed to:

  • Scope – the extent of works is discussed and agreed.
  • Final Check – any questions now might have been covered but time to ask one last time and ensure every item is understood.
  • Late Changes – we understand this can happen, but time for those changes is now.
  • Terms – you now understand what we are doing, how you will ensure it gets done, and when payments are required.
  • Authorisation – the site is ready to go, and it is time to put pen to paper.

Polytan is committed to:

  • Price – it is not an estimate; it is a firm price. There are no hidden costs and charges, and if there are unknowns, we have identified them to you clearly along with a fair process for working out any costs and margins.
  • Timing – our detailed Works Programme identifies the start and finish dates, and while the weather can be unpredictable, we understand planning has begun on facility start date.


Polytan understands this is the day you have been waiting for and will work with you to make sure it kicks off in style.

Site establishment will include the implementation of all the agreed processes and plans:

  • Work Health and Safety – all project employees and subcontractors will be inducted and made aware of agreed plans.
  • Traffic Management – the agreed plan will be formalised and closely monitored to ensure minimal disruption to the public.
  • Environmental – we understand the site requirements and expectations of local authorities and required standards.
  • Quality – the construction process identified various ‘hold points’ and sufficient notification will be provided for the relevant checks to be undertaken.
  • Site Meetings – these were agreed upon early in the process, and regular updates will be provided at meetings to ensure you are well aware of progress.
  • Communication – Polytan is committed to making sure you can pass on information to your players and management team in a timely manner.


We now need to put your surface selection into production where our highly skilled craftsman and manufacturing team bring your dreams into reality.

Your surface is primarily made for you in Melbourne. We use not only the best Australian practices but maximise vertical integration from polyurethane components produced in-house to UV stable EPDM rubber sourced from our sister company, Melos GmbH in Germany. No excuses, no third parties, no worries.

Here is your last chance to consider changes to items for the multisport facility!

None of our competitors can come even close to our quality in the manufacturing process, and there will be no disappointments at this crucial time.


Polytan understands the coordination and control of works is one of the most important elements of a successful project.

This role is taken seriously by our Company, yet with a can-do attitude to reasonable requests. Any unforeseen developments or possible cost savings will be raised early and quickly to ensure they are dealt with efficiently and with minimal effect on project timing and cost.

Various contractors need direction and supervision to ensure a safe and well-organised work place – this is second nature to our team.

Your team will find our team a good partner to work with and a willing and flexible group eager to please or be firm when the need arises!

We did not get to three of the last four Olympics lightly in this critical area!


All our synthetic track installations are controlled and overseen by trained, experienced technicians working with our full team or local labour in an efficient and effective manner.

Our team has specialist equipment to make sure the installation runs smoothly with the closest attention to critical areas.

No uncontrolled subcontractors to just ‘get the job done’ but in-house specialists with previous experience giving them the knowledge to apply to your surface.

Imagine having your install controlled by someone who has overseen work on an Olympic site. Every project has a subsequent visit post-completion to check you are happy and if not we undertake any touch-up work after activity has commenced.


Prior to the anticipated completion, your team will be contacted to conduct a final walk over and check of the site. This gives you the opportunity to identify any areas you believe require some final attention (after all you have been on top of things during the works via regular site meetings!).

At that handover meeting, our team will provide Operation and Maintenance manuals along with instruction to your personnel on how to maintain your new surface and facility.

Any areas that will require attention-to-detail such as drainage outlets and high traffic areas will be identified and advice provided on how best to attend to them.

Arrangements will be confirmed for post-completion testing, if required and a clear briefing provided on the process as agreed prior to project commencement.


We will have already made you aware of the care and maintenance procedures and responsibility agreed. Our after-sales support will assure many years, trouble free use from your new multisport surface.

It is now time to put the process in place and give you our Polytan contact person to take any questions from you once the keys are handed over.

If you do require any assistance feel free to contact our customer care line on 1800 663 812… It’s all part of the quality service you would have come to expect from us.

Thank you for choosing Polytan.


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