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The first step to getting an athletics track is to choose a company and a particular product that will meet your needs in full. If you’re looking for a high-quality product and one-stop-shop for your design and construction requirements, with a guarantee that your athletics track will be successful for IAAF Class 1 or 2 Certification, then look no further.

Polytan can walk you through the full project planning process and will ensure you address each key criteria throughout to achieve the best outcome. Generally, a well-delivered project will consist of the following initial working stages: Identifying what is the project aim? what is the budget? what are the site constraints? Anticipated competition standard? What are the sporting requirements? What are the additional infrastructure requirements? Stakeholder consultation, specialist advice and from all this, you can develop a solid project plan that will be sure to deliver a successful outcome.

How to get a synthetic hockey field installed


Polytan athletics track surfacing systems are complex structures made up of different layers depending on the intended use. The synthetic surface may be water-permeable or waterproof, pour-coated or granulated, and solid or multi-layer, over an asphalt base. Whatever the design, it is always installed as a seamless, secure structure that will last for years to come, when installed by a highly experienced company like Polytan.

With Polytan on your team, all surface installations are controlled and overseen by trained, experienced technicians working with our full team, or local labour in an efficient and effective manner. Our team has specialist equipment to make sure the installation runs smoothly with the closest attention to critical areas and we guarantee to meet even the tightest tolerances for the surface construction.

Polytan has designed and constructed hundreds of athletics tracks across Asia Pacific, including state sporting facilities and internationally renowned tracks used for Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Athletics Championships and more. If there is one thing we know, it’s athletic track construction, quality products and excellent communication.

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Polytan athletics track surfaces can be constructed to comply with all national and international IAAF standards and certification requirements. The consistency and quality of our surfaces are ensured not only by the final inspection and IAAF Certification testing, but also the manufacturing process of the materials at our manufacturing plant in Melbourne. Strict quality control and manufacturing process enable Polytan Rekortan or Polytan Spurtan surfaces to be durable, high quality and consistent, providing long term playability and peace of mind.




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The System for you is:

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The System for you is:

Rekortan® G-13 is our top performing, elite full PUR, IAAF certified track system made from environmentally, renewable resources. We take great pride in Rekortan G-13’s base layer being comprised of renewable resources. This is the track of the future and our innovation is leading the way to helping our planet and your athletes be successful.

This full PUR system has a proven spike resistant top layer, little to no impact on force reduction properties over a wide temperature range and has been formulated to resist UV and bio-degradation in the world’s most demanding climates.

Visit APT's website for more about the top performing fast track system, Rekortan G13 >>

The System for you is:
Poligras Platinum COOLplus® System

Rekortan® M99 is a seamless fast track surface, with a focus on energy enhancement for elite athletes and project longevity. Ideal for best times, records and international elite sport. It offers optimum acceleration thanks to its high energy return. With its structured surface, this IAAF certified system is ideally suited to major athletic stadiums due to high performance whilst the robust design also ensures a particularly long lifespan. It is formulated to resist UV degradation in the world’s most demanding climates.

This elite full PUR system has featured at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and numerous Commonwealth Games. It has been the official surface of the Penn Relays since 1988. Penn Relays is the oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States, hosted annually since 1895 by the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

Visit APT's website for more about the elite track system, Rekortan M99 >>

The System for you is:

Spurtan® BV our most popular, cost effective ‘sandwich system’ athletics surface which has excellent performance for training and competition, ideal for jumps and run-up facilities.

Spurtan® BV is quick to install, easy to maintain and repair due to the liquid-applied top coating which allows for any damages to the surface to be repaired without full depth replacement.

Another major advantage of this versatile system is the ability to rejuvenate the surface by simply applying a 3-4 mm coating of polyurethane that is broadcast with EPDM granules.

Visit APT's website for more about the popular choice Spurtan BV system >>

The System for you is:

Spurtan® BS our budget, sprayed athletics surface solution which has excellent performance characteristics for training and competition, primarily used for running tracks, run-ups, sprint lanes and basic athletics facilities, a perfect solution for regional track, councils and school facilities.

The versatile, budget conscious system not only offers excellent shock absorption for sporting disciplines but it also meets specific levels of shock absorption required for soft impact surfaces used in playgrounds.

Visit APT's website for more about the community choice Spurtan BS system >>

The System for you is:
Poligras H2OZ COOLplus® System

Spurtan® BSS our most popular IAAF certified solution for the budget conscious. The structured, spray coated, impermeable surface has excellent performance characteristics for training and competition, providing force reduction and spike resistance for jumps and run-ups. An ideal system for multisports use.

Visit APT's website for more about the budget choice Spurtan BSS system >>

The System for you is:

Spurtan® WT is the perfect all-rounder, durable and hard-wearing this system is ideal for general purpose, jogging tracks and multi-sport athletic activities, easy and fast to install. Ideal for schools and junior athletics.

It is the only surface in our product range that has a single installed layer, therefore allowing for easy and fast installation. It is a great all rounder.

Visit APT's website for more about the perfect all rounder Spurtan WT system >>

IAAF Class 2 (Regional Competition) certified
  • YES
  • NO
IAAF Class 1 (International Competition) certified
  • YES
  • NO
Includes track and field elements like run ups, long jump and high jump
  • YES
  • NO
Water permeable or impermeable system
Spike resistant
  • YES
  • NO
Number of hours per week your track will be used
  • < 10 HOURS
  • 10-20 HOURS
  • 40-60 HOURS
  • 60+ HOURS
Force reduction level
  • LOW
  • HIGH
System comprises of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.
  • YES
  • NO
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