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Sport Group Asia Pacfic to partner with Australia’s first synthetic turf recovery & recycling service.

Sport Group Asia Pacific is delighted to announce its partnership with Australia’s first industry focused solution to synthetic turf waste; RE4ORM.

RE4ORM is an Australian first: a sustainability service that diverts synthetic turf from landfill through the recovery, reuse, recycling and reduction of sand, rubber & plastic to create products that can be employed within the synthetic turf and other industries.

RE4ORM’s circular motivation is closing the loop by utilising Australia’s first synthetic turf recovery & recycling facility in Barnawartha, near the Victoria-NSW border. The innovative purpose built facility, separates the individual components of synthetic turf, reduces waste to landfill and significantly decreases the CO2 emissions released in landfill.

RE4ORM’s service will consume all synthetic turf, from used to excess newly installed surfaces, with minimal residual waste.

“We are proud to be a part of Australia’s first synthetic turf recovery & recycling facility. RE4ORM is the next and much needed step towards creating a circular economy in our industry. We hope that others will follow suit and partner with RE4ORM to support this critical step change,” Stephen Niven, CEO, Sport Group Asia Pacific.

RE4ORM’s founding partners, Sport Group and Tuff Group, are dedicated to being at the forefront of Australia’s sustainability movement, pursuing and promoting the technology needed to minimise our nation’s waste.

“We at Tuff Group are extremely proud to be involved in a new venture that has such vital importance to the ongoing sustainability of the synthetic turf industry. It is critical we play our part in new age business where the environment is treated with the utmost care,” Fraser Gehrig, Managing Director, Tuff Group.