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Polytan offers a range of maintenance services Australia-wide in conjunction with several Polytan-approved contractors. We specialise in the maintenance of synthetic hockey fields, athletics tracks and football fields.


Polytan’s dedicated maintenance team is passionate about ensuring you get the very most out of your sporting surfaces for as long as possible.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Ongoing support and services for all our synthetic sports surfaces
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Consisting of regular maintenance servicing
  • Annual inspections
  • Surface Certification (to meet sporting bodies requirements)
  • Site Inspections
  • Detailed facility Condition Reports
  • Remedial Repairs
  • Minor works for synthetic surfaces


Our comprehensive Maintenance Manual provides detailed guidance on best practices for maintaining our different synthetic surfaces. These guidelines are based on the requirements set by industry and global sporting bodies for our sporting surfaces. As stated in the Maintenance Manual, regular maintenance is necessary for all sports fields. Typically, this maintenance can be carried out by the facility owner and may include the following tasks (depending on the type of surface):

  • Clearing the surface of vegetation and debris
  • Inspecting the field/track for any damage or irregularities
  • Cleaning the drainage pits
  • Addressing areas with high wear and tear
  • Checking the lines and seams for any issues

By following these maintenance instructions, you can ensure that your sporting surfaces remain in optimal condition.


Special maintenance services, remedial works, or minor repairs often require dedicated machinery and equipment. At Polytan, our contractors utilise a range of powerful machines manufactured by German company SMG or equivalent. This ensures exceptional results, promotes the longevity of your surfaces, and ensures compliance with relevant world sporting body certification requirements.

Some of the machine maintenance services we provide (depending on the surface type) include:

  • Removing loose rubber granules, surface dirt, or vegetation from tracks
  • Revitalising turf pile by de-flattening it
  • Loosening or disturbing infill to eliminate dust and small broken-down vegetation
  • Applying surface treatments to remove excessive moss and algae (especially on hockey wet pitches)
  • Clearing metal debris from turf surfaces
  • Conducting large infill top-ups

Introducing the state-of-the-art SMG WashMatic machine offering advanced pressure cleaning for athletics tracks and deep cleans for hockey wet pitches. This cutting-edge equipment utilises a wash and extraction system that connects to the local water source via hoses, effectively containing and managing the dirty water and its discharge process. By significantly reducing labour time and optimising water usage, the WashMatic delivers exceptional results for your synthetic surfaces. Now available through Polytan Maintenance Services.