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Polytan is one of the few companies in the world that can truly offer 360-degree services within the sports facility construction business. Being a part of Sport Group enables us to offer customers the full scope of services needed to deliver a sports facility project from conception to completion and beyond.


As the world’s largest business dedicated to sport surfaces, Sport Group invest heavily in new technologies, new markets, product innovations, and our future. Our local and international in-house technical teams adopt meticulous, scientific approaches to the research and development of our products including:

  • The use of technologically advanced materials
  • The use of environmentally sustainable materials ie renewable and recyclable resources
  • The durability and playability of sports surfaces
  • Athlete comfort and injury prevention
  • Consistency and surface interaction
  • The longevity of our products
  • Rigorous testing to ensure superior quality

We have the capability and resources to develop and test customised products for specific projects that require unique solutions, such as our Poligras Paris GT Zero hockey turf created in response to the Paris 2024 Olympic Committee’s stringent sustainability requirements.


Our in-house team of experienced civil engineers understand the importance of designing sporting fields, pitches and courts that meet your exact requirements. By combining our global experience and local knowledge across a variety of sporting codes and applications, the Polytan design team work collaboratively to address the needs of the client, community, environment, relevant sporting associations and other key stakeholders.

Our design process includes but is not limited to:

  • Site investigations, consultation with relevant authorities and geo-technical reporting
  • Reviewing and recommending a tailored solution to meet client needs, budget, schedule and challenges.
  • Adhering to all sporting code regulations and requirements
  • Developing detailed CAD drawings that may include concreting, drainage, lighting and irrigation
  • Engaging specialist engineers or professionals to review and provide accreditation
  • Developing detailed specifications and documentation for construction work.

Whether we’re creating a multi-purpose sports field for a local community or a multi-million dollar Olympic Games facility, our team brings unwavering focus, expertise, and commitment to every project.


Effective project management is the cornerstone of our integrated project delivery process. Polytan’s project management team has a critical understanding of the requirements and challenges that may arise during the construction and installation of sports surfaces.

Our project managers play a crucial role in monitoring and enhancing quality, safety, and productivity. Since each project is unique, we carefully assess the level of project management you require based on your requests and expectations. We highly recommend involving our project managers from the very beginning, ensuring that all your needs are addressed upfront.

Our project managers have:

  • Extensive experience in managing sports facility projects across various regions and climates.
  • A focus on safety for everyone involved in the project, both on and offsite.
  • Intensive in-house training regarding our sports surfaces, their application and installation.
  • Strong communication, co-ordination and stakeholder management skills.
  • An agile and responsive attitude to deal with requests and alterations as required.


Polytan surfaces, such as Poligras, LigaTurf, Rekortan and Laykold, are manufactured by our sister company, APT Asia Pacific, in Melbourne, Australia.

As the largest sports and recreational distribution facility in the southern hemisphere, APT Asia Pacific’s ISO-certified manufacturing plant produces over 100 varieties of synthetic turf. It is also the only synthetic turf manufacturer in Australia that produces its own yarn. Designed specifically for Australasian conditions, their yarn incorporates 24 unique components.

At Polytan, we maintain complete control over every aspect of the surface manufacturing process, including research and development and product innovation. This level of involvement allows us to customise, test, and continuously enhance our surfaces, setting us apart from our competitors. Our expertise lies in understanding the intricacies of how our surfaces are made, the materials used, and the reasons behind their superior quality.

To provide our customers with complete transparency and confidence, we invite them to visit our manufacturing facility and witness the creation of their surface firsthand. This level of access ensures trust and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional surfaces.


Polytan has a well-resourced and experienced construction and installation team that are committed to safely, efficiently and meticulously delivering premium quality sports facilities.

Our Project Construction & Installation process may include:

  • Initial site assessment
  • Preparation of site-specific design
  • Site documentation
  • WH&S, environmental and quality planning
  • Bulk earthworks and site preparation
  • Drainage
  • Pavement construction
  • Edge detail and fencing
  • Sports lighting
  • Concrete works
  • Surface system manufacture, installation and testing
  • Landscaping and retaining walls


You may think that the job is over once the construction is complete and your facility is ready for use, but the maintenance of your surfaces is just as important as the delivery to ensure you get maximum usage, performance and life out of your sports surfaces.

Polytan has a dedicated maintenance team for fields, tracks and courts, as well as post sales support and advice for the life of your product.