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Wheelchair competitors playing at a BSF Asia related event

First Ever Disabled Sporting Event in Ipoh!


The first ever disabled sporting event was held in Ipoh this month and this is only one way BSF Asia are continually developing their vision of improving the lives of those with disabilities through inclusive sport participation.


This event in Ipoh, Malaysia is the first ever attempt by the state government to work with non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) including BSF Asia to provide and support the organising of sporting events for the disabled community. The local government was ecstatic with this first ever disabled sporting event in Malaysia.


Alongside private companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), government bodies and Malaysian sporting bodies including the National Paralympic Committee (NPC), BSF Asia are creating more new pathways for those with disabilities.


Together with Halcyon Agri, BSF Asia presented a number of Paralympic sports at this event:

  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Boccia
  • Wheelchair Fencing
  • Disabled Lawn Bowls
  • Blind Soccer

This event has provided those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a range of sports to empower sport development and inclusiveness.  Sports can assist the disabled in gaining confidence and accomplishing rewarding sporting achievements.


BSF Paralympic athletes mentioned sport has dramatically transformed their lives for the better, which reflects BSF’s moving motto “Sport Changes Lives.”


BSF Asia and Polytan both share the vision that sports can unite all people including the disabled and provide a comfortable environment for sharing participation and achievements.


Visit the BSF Asia website for more on how BSF Asia are changing peoples lives through sport.


BSF Asia Wheelchair Event


FIH Pro League Banner Announcing Polytan's involvement with the event

2019 – First Year of the FIH Pro League


Taking the place of the Champions Trophy, World League Semi Finals, World League Semi Finals and World League Final 2019, is the new international hockey event of the year – the FIH Pro League!

From Saturday 19 January – Sunday 30 June nine of the best national men and women teams will compete for the first year of this newly established event.

These nine teams will compete in many countries around the globe including Argentina, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States of America.

Image of hockey fans at the Odisha Men's Hockey World Cup


In the spirit of the Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup, Polytan ran a competition encouraging people to upload their World Cup inspired moments to #PlayFastHockey.

Congratulations to Polytan’s #PlayFastHockey winner Sampoorna Rath!

Sampoorna has won the hockey stick Manpreet Singh recently played with at the 2018 Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup!

Sampoorna’s image captured an iconic World Cup moment. It shows us the excitement and enjoyment of attending a live hockey event! The essence of each individual in the photo represents team spirit, hope, inclusiveness, determination, fun, excitement and community, all of which are true to the Polytan Asia Pacific brand.

Similarly, Polytan have installed inclusive sport surfaces that unite communities through the encouragement of participation, opportunity and team victory.

Polytan support those from grassroots right through to elite athletes with premium sports surfaces allowing those of all abilities to perform at their best.


Last week of the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup

Polytan is helping hockey speed up

Viewers of the Men’s Hockey World Cup will be marveling at the skill and speed of the players. Stars such as Manpreet Singh from India and Blake Govers from Australia glide effortlessly across the Polytan surface.

Well, hockey is about to get faster and greener.

The new Poligras Tokyo GT will redefine the speed and environmental impact of hockey

The Tokyo GT hockey turf, developed for the Olympics in 2020 will be approximately 25% faster than the Poligras Platinum turf used at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Plus Tokyo GT Olympic hockey turf is the first synthetic turf to feature filaments made from over 60% regrowable raw materials. This is a great leap for hockey moving forward.  

The Tokyo GT is Polytan’s latest Olympic hockey turf, following on from London 2012 and Rio 2016

Contact Polytan on 1800 663 812 or for more.

2018 Men’s Hockey World Cup

Every four years the world’s best teams compete in the Men’s Hockey World Cup.  2018 marks the 14th edition of this prestigious event which is being held at Kalinga Hockey Stadium in Bhubaneswar, India where 16 teams will battle it out for the winning title on the blue Polytan surface.

The official turf by Polytan is our Poligras Platinum World Cup Edition. Developed to meet the highest expectations,elite competition and FIH certification, Poligras Platinum World Cup Edition promotes outstanding playability allowing for fast-moving styles of play with precise ball roll characteristics. For the largest Hockey World Cup event in history, what else but our finest surface for the prestigious games.


Enter the Polytan #PlayFastHockey social media competition to be in the running to win the hockey stick Manpreet Singh is currently playing with at the Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup! 


Australian Hockey Legend Jamie Dwyer will be reviewing the games throughout this fantastic event, highlighting players to watch out for, picking winners and sharing his thoughts on the best shots, players, strikers, goals and more! Jamie’s High-Performance Shout Out’s can be viewed on Polytan Asia Pacific social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image of Polytan hockey surface at the Men's Hockey World Cup

FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup at Kalinga Stadium

The first week of the FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup in India has been a huge success! The opening ceremony was Olympic quality and the stadium has been packed each day with thousands of hockey fans from around the world.

Local fans have cheered on strong performances from India led by captain and Polytan Ambassador, Manpreet Singh.

The Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, India has been transformed for the event. Polytan as the official turf supplier of the Men’s Hockey World Cup installed a Poligras Platinum World Cup Edition synthetic hockey turf. This turf allows the best to perform with speed and skill.

With a 16,000 seat capacity the Kalinga Stadium is now one of the world’s premium hockey venues.

Varun Kumar (India)


Varun Kumar is an Indian field hockey defender and is currently at the front of his game.  Varun won gold in the 2017 Dhaka Men’s Asia Cup and won the 2018 Hero Asian Champions Trophy in a tie with Pakistan.


Three Fun Facts about Varun

  • Varun started playing hockey because of Captain of the Indian hockey team – Manpreet Singh
  • Varun’s hero is Mark Knowles
  • The most influential people in his life are his family and Manpreet Singh


Career Highlights

  • Ranked Gold in 2016 Lucknow, India Hockey Junior World Cup
  • Ranked gold in the 2017 Dhaka Men’s Asia Cup
  • Ranked silver 2018 Breda Men’s Champions Trophy
  • Ranked bronze 2017 Bhubaneswar FIH Men’s World League Final
  • Ranked bronze in 2018 Jakarta Asian Games
  • 2018 27th Sultan of Azlan Shah Cup, Ipoh Malaysia
  • 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games


JDH Hockey stick X93  •  Preferred JDH Hockey Stick Length – 37.5  •  Preferred JDH bow style – Concave


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Teresa Martin Pelegrina (GERMANY)


Teresa Martin Pelegrina (GERMANY) – is a European hockey player who plays for Germany and is at the top of her game.


Three Fun Facts about Teresa

  • Teresa started playing hockey because her Mum an grandfather also played hockey
  • If she could try another Olympic sport it would be the Biathlon
  • The most influential person in Teresa’s life is her Mum


Career Highlights

  • Ranked 1 at 2018 European Indoor Championship in Prague
  • Ranked 6 at 2017 World League Final in Auckland, New Zealand
  • Ranked 4 at the 2017 European Championship in Amsterdam
  • Ranked 2 at the 2017 World League Semi Final in Johannesburg
  • Ranked 5th at the 2016 U21 World Championship in Santiago
  • Ranked 4th at the 2016 European Indoor Championship in Minsk
  • Ranked 2nd at the 2015 U18 European Championship in Santander


Social Media:  Facebook  •  Instagram 

Stacey Michelsen (NZ)


Stacey Michelsen (NZ) – is the New Zealand field hockey captain and most commonly known as one of the world’s best field hockey players in the sport.  Stacey is a weapon in pretty much any position on the pitch whether it be defender, midfielder or striker.


Three Fun Facts about Stacey

  • Stacey started playing hockey because both of her sisters played hockey, so it was a family sport.
  • Her most memorable event was winning goals at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Stacey’s most influential people in her life are her family who have always supported her


Career Highlights

  • Ranked 1st at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • Ranked 2nd at the 2017 World League Finals in New Zealand
  • Ranked 2nd at the 2015 World League Finals in Argentina
  • Ranked 3rd at the 2011 Champions Trophy in Holland


Social Media:  Instagram  •    Twitter

Manpreet Singh (India)


Manpreet Singh (India) – Manpreet Singh is the captain and field hockey midfielder for India. Manpreet is well known around the world for his elite hockey performances and world titles.  Manpreet is well known around the world for his elite hockey performances and world titles.


Three Fun Facts about Manpreet

  • Started playing hockey when he was 9 years old because of his older brothers
  • The opportunity to win trophies made him want to play hockey
  • Manpreet’s hero’s are Jamie Dwyer, Moritz Fuerste and Sardar Singh


Career Highlights

  • Gold -2017 Dhaka Men’s Asia Cup
  • TOISA Player of the year 2017 – Times of India
  • Asian Best Player (Junior) 2015 – AHF
  • Midfielder of the year 2015 – Hockey India
  • FIH Rising Star of the year 2013 – Nomination for FIH


Preferred JDH Hockey Sticks


“Polytan hockey surfaces are fast and sophisticated. They are the best I’ve ever played on.”  – Manpreet Singh


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