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Manpreet Singh (India)


Manpreet Singh (India) – Manpreet Singh is the captain and field hockey midfielder for India. Manpreet is well known around the world for his elite hockey performances and world titles.  Manpreet is well known around the world for his elite hockey performances and world titles.


Three Fun Facts about Manpreet

  • Started playing hockey when he was 9 years old because of his older brothers
  • The opportunity to win trophies made him want to play hockey
  • Manpreet’s hero’s are Jamie Dwyer, Moritz Fuerste and Sardar Singh


Career Highlights

  • Gold -2017 Dhaka Men’s Asia Cup
  • TOISA Player of the year 2017 – Times of India
  • Asian Best Player (Junior) 2015 – AHF
  • Midfielder of the year 2015 – Hockey India
  • FIH Rising Star of the year 2013 – Nomination for FIH


Preferred JDH Hockey Sticks


“Polytan hockey surfaces are fast and sophisticated. They are the best I’ve ever played on.”  – Manpreet Singh


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Kelsey Smith (NZ)


Kelsey Smith (NZ) – Kelsey Smith is a ferocious New Zealand field hockey competitor and strong striker in all her matches.  Kelsey used to play for Nelson Hockey and made her way to the black sticks by giving her best performance leading her to become a phenomenal hockey player for New Zealand.


Three Fun Facts about Kelsey

  • The most influential people in her life are her Mum and Dad
  • Kelsey started playing hockey to be with her friends
  • Her favourite animal is an elephant


Career Highlights

  • Winning the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games was her most memorable moment in history/to date.
  • Ranked 1st in 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
  • Ranked 2nd in 2017 Auckland World League 4
  • Ranked 3rd in 2017 Brussels World League 3
  • Ranked 4th in the 2016 Rio Olympics


Preferred JDH Hockey stick length – 37.5  •  Preferred JDH bow style – low bow


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Jeremy Hayward (AUS)


Jeremy Hayward is an elite Australian field hockey player who was in the winning team for the 2014 Men’s Hockey World Cup. Jeremy is a force to be reckoned with as he won the Young Player of the Tournament Award at the 2014 Men’s Hockey World Cup.


Three fun facts about Jeremy

  • Jeremy’s most inspiring Olympic performance was with the Kookaburras in 2004
  • If he could try another Olympic sport it would be the 100m sprint
  • Outside of hockey Jeremy enjoys fishing and camping


Career Highlights

  • 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
  • 2018 Breda, Netherlands Champions Trophy
  • 2017 Bhub India World League
  • 2016 London Champions Trophy
  • 2015 Raipur India World League
  • 2014 Hague Netherlands World Cup
  • Preferred JDH Hockey stick length – 37.5
  • Preferred JDH bow style – Low concave


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Jamie Dwyer (AUS)


Jamie Dwyer is a retired Australian field hockey legend and five time world hockey player.  Jamie has been a Olympic gold medalist and two times World Cup gold medalist.


Three Fun Facts 

  • Jamie Dwyer first started hockey when he picked up a hockey stick when he was 4.
  • Both of his parents played hockey which is where it all started.
  • Jamie now designs and manufactures his own brand of hockey sticks and equipment – JDH
  • Jamie works in conjunction with Polytan to support hockey athletes around the world.


Career Highlights

  • Five Years FIH World Hockey Player of the Year
  • 2002 World Young Player of the Year
  • 2004 Gold Medal at the Athens Olympics
  • 2005 Gold Medal at the Champions Trophy in India
  • 2008 Gold Medal at the Champions Trophy in Holland
  • 2008 Bronze Medal at the Beijing Olympics
  • 2009 Australian Player of the Year
  • 2009 Gold Medal at the Champions Trophy in Germany
  • 2010 Gold Medal at the World Cup in India
  • 2011 Gold Medal at the Champions Trophy in Auckland, New Zealand
  • 2012 Gold Medal at the Champions Trophy in London
  • 2012 Bronze Medal at the London Olympics
  • 2014 Gold Medal at the Men’s Hockey World Cup
  • 2016 Olympics Quarter Finals


“Polytan get hockey. They understand how athletes and equipment interact with the surface making a whole world of difference to each players performance. Polytan’s advanced technology provides hockey athletes the best possible surface to train and compete on.” Jamie Dwyer.


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Georgie Morgan (AUS)


Georgie Morgan is a younger face in the Hockeyroos and has a signature drag flick that is unique to her playing style.  Georgie Morgan is a competitive player with amazing hand eye coordination. She never takes her eye off the ball.


Career Highlights

  • Represented Australia at the 2016 Rio de Janerio Olympics.
  • Represented Australia at the 2018 Hockey Women’s World Cup in London.


Prefers JDH Hockey Sticks


Social Media:  Instagram

Emma Tonegato


Emma Tonegato is a standout Australian Rugby 7’s player and a consistent high performer in all rugby matches.  Emma is a determined rugby competitor who is willing to surpass anyone who gets in her way.


Three Fun Facts – Polytan met up with Emma and asked her some questions:

Q. Who are the most influential people in your career/life?   

A:  Definitely Mum and Dad, they have always been there for me and there’s no way I would be where I am today without them.


Q. If you could create a public holiday what would it be for?

A:  National Kindness day, where everyone has to do one act of kindness.


Q. When you first played on a Polytan surface what did you think?

A:  We have trained on a few Polytan surfaces now and they are such a fast track! The base of the field provides a good base for change of direction and you don’t get caught in the mud or grass.


Career Highlights

  • Named player of the tournament for the Atlanta leg of the Sevens World Series in April 2016
  • A Month later from above she was named in 2015- 2016 World Rugby dream team.
  • Her very impressive performances landed her more team selections – Central Coast Sevens and Oceania Sevens  and pulling on number 5 jersey in December for first leg of the World Series in Dubai.
  • 2017/18 season saw Tonegato don the Gold jersey for every leg of World Series and scoring 26 tries across the season.
  • She was selected in the 2018 Commonwealth Games – tries were raining in and guiding Aussies to their silver medal finish.


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Emily Chalker (AUS)


Emily Chalker (nee Smith) is the Australian field hockey captain for the Hockeyroos and a fierce competitor when she hits the pitch in her position as a striker. Emily is a skillful player and one of her huge career highlights was being ranked number one in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games!


Three Fun Facts about Emily

  • Emily’s favourite food is a “Chicken Snitty”
  • She started playing hockey because her whole family played
  • If she could try another Olympic sport it would be shooting


Career Highlights

  • Ranked 1 in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games
  • Ranked 2nd in the 2013 Tucaman World League Finals, 2014 Hague World Cup, 2014 Champions Trophy, 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
  • Ranked 4th 2016 London Champions Trophy, 2018 London World Cup
  • Ranked 5th in 2012 London Olympic Games


Preferred JDH Hockey Stick – 36.5   •    Preferred JDH bow style – Low Bow (she thinks)


“I’ve never had a bad game on a Polytan surface. They offer the best playability, superior and consistent quality and the fastest ball glides.” Captain – Emily Smith, Australian Hockeyroos


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Blake Govers


Blake was an FIH rising star finalist in 2015 and has grown into a highly recognisable hockey player who also had the opportunity of playing on our Polytan surface at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Three Fun Facts about Blake Govers

  • Bricklayer by trade but also plays hockey for the Kookaburras
  • Blake started playing hockey because his father played
  • If he could try another Olympic sport it would be shooting

Career Highlights

  • Ranked 1 in the Belgium 2015 World League Semi Finals and was the WI4 highest goal scorer and young player.
  • Ranked 1 in the 2016 London Champions Trophy, 2017 Indian World League Four, 2018 Amsterdam Champions Trophy.
  • Ranked 3 2016/ 17 Holland Bloemendaal, Ranked 6 Rio Olympics.
  • 2015 FIH Rising Star Finalist

Preferred JDH Hockey Stick Length : 37.5

Preferred JDH bow style : Xlb


Social Media: Facebook – Blake Govers   –   Instagram – Blakegovers

Image of new Poligras Tokyo GT

Introducing…….Poligras Tokyo GT!


With new Poligras Tokyo GT hockey turf, Polytan is bringing to the market the first synthetic turf which features filaments made from over 60% regrowable raw materials.

Polytan is using BioBased PE to add a sustainable dimension to the outstanding playing properties of its tried-and-tested polyurethane monofilament fibres.


The Poligras Tokyo GT turf structure is specifically adapted to the Bio Based PE formula, enabling dynamic and precise playability.

Patented Entanglement technology in the filaments means the multi directional surface remains stable in the long term and is protected against premature wear.

Polytan’s CoolPlus technology ensures the turf stays cool even on hot days. The pigments on the surface of the turf fibres reflect the infrared part of solar radiation, whilst PreciTex process engineering guarantees the turf’s uniform colour.


Poligras Tokyo GT will redefine the speed of hockey. 

The the ball roll distance on the latest Tokyo GT hockey turf is improved by around 25%, compared with Poligras Platinum which had previously proven its speed capabilities at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Ball roll speed of Tokyo GT compared to Poligras Platinum


■ Professional hockey facilities and stadiums

■ Club spaces

■ Multi-sport facilities


■ Monofilament turf fibre with a fibre thickness of approx. 110 μ – micrometre

■ Green Technology– filaments made from 60% of regrowable raw materials

■ Exclusive CoolPlus function

■ Exclusive PreciTex texturing technology

■ Exclusive 100 % PE composition with ENTANGLEMENT technology

■ MultiBack backing construction

Poligras Tokyo GT is Green Technology


The Polytan Green Technology executes a new generation of highly developed products that bring together cutting-edge technological expertise from the plastics industry.

With functional and ecological benefits of natural regrowable raw materials, Polytan are a responsible one-stop supplier.

We are careful and precise with our use of resources throughout the products lifecycle – from selecting raw materials to production, Installation and use, right through to disposal and recycling.

Polytan consistently meets its own demands for environmentally friendly products, whilst also giving those products more natural characteristics for games and sports.

And of course, Green Technology products from Polytan also meet all the usual health and safety specifications.

Icons of Tokyo GT features

Men’s Hockey World Cup


The first swing for the Men’s World Cup starts from Wednesday 28th November – Sunday 16th December at the Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar on Poligras Platinum World Cup Edition. This event will unite 16 world class nations from across the world including hosts from India.

The world’s best players and teams on this earth strive for the almighty title to be World Champion.

With India finishing fifth in the Asian Games it will be exciting to watch some of India’s favourites, such a Varun Kumar and Indian captain Manpreet Singh’s battle it out against the world’s top players.

Polytan will be providing updates of these players performance throughout the largest hockey event for 2018.

For more information on the latest in Polytan hockey surfaces, download our Hockey brochure here


For more on the Men’s World Cup

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