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MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) Hockey

MCC Hockey (2020)_0007_DJI_0290MCC Hockey (2020)_0007_DJI_0290
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Project Name:

MCC Hockey (2020)



Elwood College, Melbourne, VIC


Completion Date:

May 2020



Melbourne Cricket Club / MCC Hockey Club


Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

Poligras H2Oz COOLplus

Project Overview:

With an expanding player base the MCC Hockey Club had been searching for another venue for over 5 years as they were outgrowing their single pitch venue at Melbourne High School. Following an extensive search and considerable lobbying, the MCC Hockey Club and Elwood College reached an agreement to have a new sand dressed hockey pitch constructed on the grounds of Elwood College that provided staff and students with a fantastic year-round sporting facility while providing MCC Hockey with a second pitch for its members.

Polytan was awarded the contract by the MCC, following a thorough tender process, to design and construct a new hockey pitch. The project included:
• Using an alternate method of preparing the problematic subgrade material (as recommended by Polytan) and constructing a suitable, highly durable pavement which met Hockey Victoria and FIH requirements.
• Constructing a new synthetic sporting facility using Poligras H2Oz COOLplus and a new LED lighting system
• Re-housing the native frog-mouthed owls and possums that resided in the area prior to commencement.

The Results:

The final product is a highly longed-for asset that the MCC, MCC Hockey Club, Elwood College and community can enjoy for decades to come.