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KP Hardiman Reserve

KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0001_DJI_0043KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0001_DJI_0043
KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0000_DJI_0051KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0000_DJI_0051
KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0002_DJI_0037KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0002_DJI_0037
KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0003_Before - IMG_6873KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0003_Before - IMG_6873
KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0004_Before - IMG_6869KP Hardiman Reserve (2021)_0004_Before - IMG_6869

Project Name:

KP Hardiman Reserve



Kingsbury, Victoria


Completion Date:

April 2021





Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

Poligras H2Oz COOLplus

Project Overview:

Polytan were engaged by the City of Darebin to redevelop an aging hockey pitch at KP Hardiman Reserve which was used by the La Trobe University Hockey Club and the community. Demolition began in September 2020.

This project was particularly notable due to the Council’s commitment to using more sustainable alternatives to the more common virgin and quarried products typically used within the industry. With Polytan’s shared commitment to green practices and materials, they worked with council to greatly increase the volume of recycled products used during construction including but not limited to:

• Shockpads installed under artificial turf made from recycled rubber tyres
• A layer of the field constructed from recycled brick and concrete
• Recycled glass and soft plastics used in concrete pathways and asphalt
• Seating made from recycled hard plastics
• Recycled paper mulch used in reseeding the surrounding grass areas

As part of the demolition process, the existing shock pads and synthetic grass were also reused at local schools and golf courses to reduce the amount of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

The project was awarded one of The First Sustainability Victoria grants released under the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund.

The Poligras H2Oz COOLplus turf system was installed over a paved in-situ E-layer to deliver the La Trobe University Hockey Club and Kingsbury community a premier grade hockey facility that has been certified by the FIH.

The Results:

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