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Force reduction refers to the ability of a surface to reduce the force of impact when compared to a concrete floor. Force reduction is such an important factor in sporting surfaces for:

Player Comfort: Force reduction has been shown to be a clear contributor to improved player comfort and body fatigue during and after play.

Injury Prevention: Sufficient shock absorption is crucial in high performance sports flooring to reduce long term impact injuries among athletes of all ages.


As the world’s largest business dedicated to sports surfaces, Sport Group leads the way in innovative technology. Force Reduction technology has been introduced into several different surfaces types including tracks and courts.

The Rekortan G-13 Gel track  system is not only the greenest track in the world; featuring a gel layer made of up to 84% renewable (plant-based oils) and recyclable content, but this same gel layer also dissipates energy when force is applied to it. This gives the force reduction needed for training and social running, and the speed required for competition.

Laykold also offers a range of Force Reduction cushioned courts that give players the performance, consistency and pace of hard court tennis, but with the added benefit of 10 – 21% force reduction through the inclusion of either a gel, recycled shock pad or encapsulated rubber layer.

Force Reduction tracks and courts deliver less fatigue and reduce the risk of injury, which means you can run or play on Monday, and bounce back by Wednesday.

Other Polytan systems such as the LigaTurf football ranges also offer a shock-absorbing layer for added player protection and injury reduction.


In 2022, the SA Athletics Stadium in Adelaide, Australia, underwent a major redevelopment. At its heart was Australia’s very first Rekortan Gel G13 track which will provide up to 150,000 runners a year, from grassroots athletics to the elite end of the sport, with a brand-new training and race day facility.


Force Reduction

The Rekortan G-13 Gel track is firm and fast, and when force is applied the Gel dissipates the energy. Balancing the force reduction needed for training and the speed required for competition, Rekortan Gel provides energy back (58%) to the athlete without being so firm that it increases the risk of injury. This gives the force reduction needed for training and social running, and the speed required for competition.

  • Force reduction of 95-97% is retained over 10 years, which is best force reduction technology on the market.
  • This maximizes the investment, protects the athletes and track longevity is better for the environment.
  • With re-topping the life of the track can be further extended, giving decades of high performance.

Worlds Greenest Track

The Rekortan G-13 Gel track was developed with amazing science, using our most advanced environmental and performance technology. Rekortan Gel tracks reduce stress on the environment:

  • Gel layer has up to 84% renewable (plant-based oils) and recyclable content
  • Made with a proprietary enzyme process, this greatly reduces electricity and final waste is environmentally-friendly ceramic pellets.