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Stay cooler with COOLplus

Our exclusive COOLplus® technology was scientifically developed to combat artificial grass’s tendency to absorb heat.

In the same way dark clothing absorbs more heat than light clothing, artificial grass can also hold in heat making it uncomfortable when it is hot outside.

Scientifically proven, COOLplus technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight, thus reducing heat build-up and emissivity. Heat build-up occurs in most materials when thermal energy from the sun’s rays hit the surface of an object.

Our artificial grass products featuring COOLplus technology incorporate infrared reflective pigments that help dissipate heat build-up keeping them up to 20% cooler than similar artificial grass products on the market.

For a difference you can feel and see

Along with being cooler underfoot, Our COOLplus technology also adds a more matte finish to each grass fibre making the surface less shiny overall. It is also softer to touch and less abrasive to play on than other artificial grasses.

So which products currently feature our cool COOLplus technology?