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Harvest Home Recreation Reserve

Harvest Home Timelapse PhotoHarvest Home Timelapse Photo

Project Name:

Harvest Home Recreation Reserve



Epping, VIC


Completion Date:

December 2023



City Of Whittlesea


Sport / Application



Product / System Used:

LigaTurf HB250

Project Overview:

The Harvest Home Recreation Reserve Synthetic Soccer Replacement and Spectator Seating upgrade stands as a testament to the team’s precision in planning and execution. The removal and resurfacing of the synthetic football field, stabilisation, pavement, drainage channel, fence remediation, soccer goals, and player benches were completed on schedule demonstrating the team’s commitment to excellence in project management.

The project commenced with an extensive site establishment phase ensuring the provision of necessary facilities and amenities. Environmental protection measures were implemented where required. The process of demolition was executed seamlessly including the removal and responsible disposal of various elements including existing fence posts, chainmesh, rails & gates for spectator fencing, lighting infrastructure, the worn synthetic surface and majority of the SBR infill material. Upholding our commitment to environmental practices, Polytan retained a portion of the infill material for future reuse. Additionally, as part of the upgrade existing fence posts were refurbished, and new chainmesh, rails & gates for the spectator fencing were installed.

The stablisation works were applied to the subbase guaranteeing its strength. Additional stablilisation measures were implemented to increase the durability of the subbase by meticulous grading to meet precise design levels. The installation of geogrid and fabric layers and a robust crushed rock base  stablished a solid foundation. Polytan demonstrated innovation by integrating a grated channel drainage system along designated field edges efficiently linking it to the existing drainage network.


The Results:

The projects achievements included the installation of a cutting-edge FIFA Certified and Australian Made LigaTurf HB250 synthetic grass system and 25mm e-layer shock pad prioritising durability and player safety. A new lighting system for the field was installed including the installation of electrical and communications conduits, and relocation of the distribution board. Polytan further supplied and installed player and umpire shelters along the field’s perimeter, a shoe grate at a specified location within the surrounding footpath, as well as soccer goals & corner flags.

This impeccably executed upgrade showcases Polytan’s technical expertise, innovative strategies, and extensive capabilities, transforming Harvest  Home Recreation Reserve into a premier sporting destination ready to host football matches for the soccer club and local community. With enhanced facilities it now serves the needs of both players and spectators alike.