Can we involve contractors from our area - they have shown interest in being involved?

YES! Polytan encourages the use of suitable local contractors under the supervision of our project management and site supervision team. We can ensure their work is directed, scope of works clearly understood and any savings incorporated in the works whilst maintaining expected work construction program. Local knowledge for local projects is a valuable tool in the construction of major projects.

Can we get Polytan to look after the entire project from start to finish?

ABSOLUTELY! Our in-house engineering and project management team have numerous major projects under the belt and are aware of the requirements and more importantly the pitfalls that can be encountered.

We have an idea of what we want for a new synthetic sports facility in our location but need some further detail, can Polytan assist?

Polytan regularly offers initial site assessment and budget proposals for the purpose of establishing the necessary budget, grant applications or to establish project viability.

This initial work establishes project confidence for you and provides early direction critical to a successful result. More extensive site assessment can be undertaken or arranged once the viability is confirmed to lock in an accurate anticipated scope of works and detailed design.

Do we need to include a shockpad? It adds cost, right?

Shockpad is not essential to meet initial Certification. Our belief is this short term saving – though significant – should only be made only if the budget demands. In this instance it must be noted the synthetic surface playability is now only provided from the influence of the infill.

Polytan encourages the system inclusion of a shockpad to offer excellent force reduction and performance to the completed field. We believe this important consideration is established right at the start to ensure the project budget has been established from informed feedback. Your field should be fit-for-purpose throughout the life of the surface and this will only be achieved with the appropriate cushioning.

Polytan knows the benefits provided by an in-situ Elastic Layer shockpad installed directly over the crushed rock pavement will actually SAVE cost in the long term. Reuse of this shockpad at the time of eventual surface replacement ensures an excellent return on initial investment.

We do not want to irrigate our field but want best standard of play – what do Polytan suggest?

Our Poligras H2OZ ‘hybrid’ surfacing systems are a great option and now installed extensively across Australasia. In Victoria particularly State League games are regularly held on these sand-dressed systems.

Polytan have constructed fields for the Olympics but we don’t need that standard at our Club or Association, what can Polytan offer us?

Whilst we are proud of our achievements at the highest possible level we are equally pleased to exceed the expectations and be competitive at regional locations as well. Our extensive reference list is majorly populated with local fields where we have been able to offer great cost-effective solutions.

We hear that it is possible to meet World Rugby Certification without a shockpad – is that right?

World Rugby have been disappointed with the installations of synthetic fields without appropriate shockpad by some contractors. As a direct result they have raised the Head Impact Criteria requirement and enforced the maintained standard which can only realistically be achieved with a shockpad.

Polytan addresses this with our Elastic Layer shockpad seamlessly installed in-situ.

What type of boots and studs do we need to use?

Players can use their normal rugby boots with moulded studs. Metal studs are not encouraged for synthetic rugby surfaces.
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