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Image of completed installation of LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus for two College Rifles rugby fields



Back in 2008 the College Rifles Rugby Union Football and Sports Club decided to install two artificial grass rugby fields, the first in New Zealand. After 10 years of rigorous play these fields need to be replaced with a new high-quality rugby artificial sports turf.

Polytan NZ upgraded these fields to Polytan’s elite rugby turf system, LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus. This product’s latest technology consists of high shock absorption, strong durability and allows for professional rugby sports performance. This “One Turf” Solution has superb playing qualities and wear resistance, providing the surface with extended longevity.

Positioned underneath the artificial grass surface, is a 25mm insitu elastic layer, which reduces the amount of impact when players make contact with the surface. This added layer of protection means players are not falling onto a solid unforgiving surface and are able to play without fear of hurting themselves, thereby allowing them to perform at their very best.

The surface has been infilled with EPDM performance infill in green; an environmentally friendly, natural looking, engineered product.

Upgrading to the best rugby surface technology, Ligaturf RS+260 COOLplus is well known for its outstanding playability characteristics, durability and compliance to World Rugby Regulation 22 requirements.

Thanks to community funding and the partnership with Auckland Council, College Rifles were able to bring these rugby fields back to life and give the community a space to continue playing rugby competition for many years to come.

Image of completed installation of LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus for two College Rifles rugby fields

Image of goal posts at one of the College Rifles rugby fields

Image of completed installation of LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus for two College Rifles rugby fields

LATHAM PARK – South Coogee, NSW • 27 June 2017

Randwick City Council awarded Polytan the contract to convert the traditional training field for Randwick Rugby at Latham Park, to a state of the art synthetic all-weather field.
Commencement of this project was a proud moment for Polytan as this continued our company’s involvement within the local area, having in recent years overhauled the fabulous neighbouring tennis centre!
It was a big decision for Council to commit to a dedicated synthetic field for rugby in Sydney, despite the proliferation of natural fields in New Zealand due to high usage and poor weather conditions.  A smart design innovation was agreed to for Latham Park whereby a high wear ´scrum area´ was included where this essential activity could be conducted, just off the main field.
Polytan recognised this importance and took the responsibility very seriously to deliver a first class result.
Polytan along with stakeholders, Council and all end users could not be happier with the outcome and now rugby players can put the long hours into game training and preparation, without the concern of damaging the new synthetic field.