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Image of Carlisle Park for AFL and Cricket playability

Carlisle Park Reserve • October 2015

Image of Carlisle Park for AFL and Cricket playability

In 2016 Polytan turned around an old field at the Carlisle Park Reserve in Cranbourne and was designed by the City of Casey to provide an additional AFL and cricket facility.

Polytan were subcontracted by R&S asphalt to install the LigaTurf Hybrid 50 synthetic surface for the AFL field to incorporate a state of the art hydraulically operated cricket wicket system which was the first of its kind in Victoria!



It was all eyes and ears when works began in August 2017, as locals wondered what was happening to their empty park. Little did they realise this once empty reserve would become a spectacular AFL/CA and FIFA Quality certified field suitable for AFL, Soccer and Cricket playability.


The City of Stonnington awarded Polytan as the chosen surface provider for the high quality LigaTurf RS + COOLplus World Cup Edition.

This environmentally friendly heavy metal free surface was created in Melbourne, Australia meaning the council could rely on a high quality and durable product that is willing to stand the test of time.


The COOLplus technology in this yarn reduces the surface temperature allowing for a surface that won’t get so hot in those summer months. This yarn is also protected to the highest level from any UV degradation.


The high-tech drainage cell ensures that athletes are able to play and perform well in all conditions. Without this superior drainage cell system, the surface would soak up rain making it sluggish and slow to play on.


The Shockpad Pro Play 23 sits above the drainage cell and below the yarn backing to keep the surface rigid. This added layer of protection allows athletes to play as hard as they like. This enables athletes to purely focus on the game at hand, knowing they will be protected by the durable surface and shock absorbing synthetic grass surface.


Drivers will have to take extra care and keep their eyes on the road for as long as they can when passing Gardiner Park, Stonnington on the Monash Freeway because this new facility is bound to catch your attention!



Less than 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, is a suburb called Wollert where Polytan alongside Melbcon created a brand new sports field at Edgars Creek Secondary College.

Installed with the popular LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus with the impact protective Schmitz Pro Play layer, this sports field offers players the highest protection possible. This product has exclusive qualiback ‘hybrid emulsion’ secondary backing giving the surface seams superior strength!

With AFL/Cricket Australia Community certifications this LigaTurf surface has been tested and proven to be the perfect surface for those from the grassroots right through to the elite.

You can already imagine the local community, school children and crowds enjoying this fantastic new synthetic surface that can be played on in any weather.

Find out more on LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus

Product Details:

Manufactured in Australia
60mm mono-filament sports yarn
Installation Area – 16, 200m2
Construction Time – 26 weeks
Performance Infill – Recycled SBR rubber stabilising infill
COOLplus technology – reduces surface temperature by reflecting radiation from the sun

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Image of Moore Park Synthetic Field at Centennial Park


Image of Moore Park Synthetic Field at Centennial Park

Polytan overlayed many aged netball courts with new modern synthetic surface for the Moore Park Synthetic Field.

The unique patented drainage cell system was installed with ProPlay Sport shock pad absorption using LigaTurf RS+260 COOLplus football turf meets strict FIFA, World Rugby and NRL standards.

The great parklands are also a favourite for local residents, family social events, tennis,  netball and basketball business.

The facility is now heavily booked for team activities and really praises the close sporting and recreation facilities. The Sports Hub is now also booked for small team sport activities. This surface is now more durable and as a result enhances player performance.

Download the full Moore Park Case Study. 

Chatswood High School Multisports Complex


Chatswood High School Multisports Complex

The Chatswood High School project was awarded to Polytan from Council. The resurfacing of this project will unite not only a school but the sport and recreation community. The field was installed with LigaTurf HB250 under a strict development application (DA).

Polytan not only resurfaced this field, we also installed a StormTech on site detention tank which met superior structural integrity standards. This method was cost effective and saved valuable land and water resources.

The school is now a fully functional multi sport field which allows for sport play such as for senior and junior football, junior cricket, cricket practice, netball and basketball. Polytan also installed a reversible tower which allows for both netball and basketball playability.

This all weather facility is currently used for school sports and is open to the sporting and recreational community.

Download the full Chatswood High School Case Study. 

Panoramic Shot of Deakin University Waurn Ponds Multisport Complex

Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Multisport Facility • January 2016

Multi sport Facility at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Multisport Facility at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Polytan provided the construction services for an all-weather sporting facility fit for multiple sports at the Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Campus.

The LigaTurf RS+240 COOLplus synthetic grass surface meets FIFA certification and multi-sport usage.

ront on shot of soccer Field at Multisport Facility at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Installed synthetic soccer field at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

The Spurtan BV sandwich system created an IAAF Class 2 running track perfect for athletes as well as students to perform research.

Athletics Track starting line at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Installed Spurtan BV athletics track at Deakin University Waurn Ponds, VIC

In addition, new multi-sport courts were also created with acrylic Laykold surfacing to accommodate for the University’s many sporting activities.

Side Shot of Netball Courts at Deakin University Multisport facility in Waurn Ponds

Installed acrylic Laykold surfacing for netball courts at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Polytan’s consistent communication with project teams and guaranteeing strict requirements for FIFA and IAAF certification led to Polytan’s ultimate success.

Panoramic shot of multisporting facility at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Installed athletics track and soccer field at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds

Working alongside Civilex and Deakin University, Polytan are glad to have created a superb multi-sport facility which now services athletes and students at the University.

Download the full Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Case Study. 

Angle Shot of Multipurpose Synthetic Field

Blackman Park Synthetic Multipurpose Field • October 2014

Angle Shot of Multipurpose Synthetic Field

Installed synthetic multipurpose field at Blackman Park, NSW

Due to the demands of sporting clubs and growing community, the Lane Cove Council assigned Polytan the project to create a multipurpose synthetic surface at Blackman Park in New South Wales.

Polytan created a multipurpose surface allowing for soccer, rugby, AFL, football and cricket playability. Polytan’s synthetic LigaTurf Hybrid 60 was installed over the Schmitz Proplay shock pad. This surface meets the strict criteria requirements for FIFA Quality, World Rugby Regulation 22, AFL and Cricket Australia.

Since Polytan completed the Blackman Park project, the facility has grown on to include car parking, picnic areas, amenities block, playgrounds, basketball courts, skate park, scout hall, children’s cycle track and tennis courts. This shows that improving one feature of an area in the local community can create so much appeal and attention that further demands are sought after for more surrounding upgrades. 

The showcase facility has helped unite the local community and given players a field capable for all kinds of sport playability in the one location. 

Download the full Blackman Park Case Study.

Blackman Park Synthetic Multipurpose Field inNSW


Many schools are faced with a dilemma nowadays: there is a need for students to be active and engaged in physical activities however facilities are often inadequate or deteriorating. Schools are faced with an economic challenge in regards to upgrading these amenities and this is where STI stepped in to help a school in New South Wales.
After years of planning and fundraising for the playground project at Oyster Bay Public School, the contract was awarded to STI based largely on the quality of the product we could provide. STI were involved in the design, base preparation and surfacing works for the school’s aged multi-sport asphalt area.
The school had specific requirements in wanting STI to retain the existing trees, marrying the design to the extensive surrounding infrastructure and meeting the activity expectations of the teachers, parents and students. And as NSW Manager Hayden Garn states, ‘It was quite heart-warming to take an old deteriorated area and transform it into a functional sports and recreation area for the local school children.’
APTA’s SuperGrasse Eco Turf 4G Gold was used for the surface and this allows students to play a variety of sports from football, to netball, to basketball and volleyball.
‘STI have transformed a drab, unattractive and unforgiving playground into a surface which caters strongly for the needs of the students and staff,’ stated Principal Mark Meecham. ‘Students want to play on the playground now. To see them actively engaged on a safe and secure playground surface, which caters for many sports, is inspiring,’ declared Mark.
Schools are encouraged to consider these types of renovations. As Oyster Bay Primary School has proved, with the help of Parent’s and Citizen’s Association, schools can have facilities they are both proud of and ones that meet the functional needs of the community.
‘STI have changed a real negative into a massive positive. They are to be highly commended for their professionalism, willingness to compromise and positive attitude towards the project,’ enthused Principal Mark Meecham.


Convert dry and dusty play areas into bright and inviting facilities as we have for the Holy Family Catholic Primary School.  Our multi-purpose synthetic turf system will create a cool, comfortable surface for children to enjoy.
We used the Supergrasse Eco Turf surface, which is durable and made for Australian conditions.  Eco Turf has the flexibility we required for the construction of this unique and exciting play area.  Our main challenge was the uneven landscape and the requirement to install around established trees; Supergrasse Eco Turf worked perfectly for this application.
The conversion from natural turf to synesthetic has been a great success; it even comes fully equipped with Hopscotch and Handball markings for students to enjoy.
This dusty old area now is an inviting zone for students to enjoy truly.
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