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Emma Tonegato and her team finished 1st in the World Series, 2nd in the Commonwealth Games and 3rd in the World Cup. She was chosen as one of the seven best players for the Season Dream Team of the Year. During March last year Tonegato had surgery on her right shoulder to repair her labrum tear. To her shock, in June she hurt her shoulder again in the last play of the game at the World Series Tournament in Paris.

Tonegato had an MRI when she got back to Australia and doctors confirmed she would require surgery for a shoulder that could dislocate at any time. After speaking together with her doctors and coaches they decided she would attempt to play at the World Cup tournament. Keeping in mind the World Cup was only a month after the World Series Tournament in Paris. Tonegato’s surgery was put on hold until after the World Cup tournament.

She was given a brace positioned around her arm and connected to her opposite leg for training to avoid her dislocating her shoulder. In the back of her mind at training and the tournament she played carefully because she knew her arm could dislodge at any stage. But nothing can stop the fighter in Emma, she still fought through and won bronze from the tournament.

Following the World Cup Emma spent a week on holiday in Mexico and then returned to Australia for the surgery she is recovering from now. The rugby team are currently on leave so she will be spending time with her family while she recovers from her injury. She will miss the two World Series tournaments but will aim to be back in full steam ahead to play in the last four. Emma returns back to training on the 22nd August and is determined to play at the Sydney 7’s in February 2019.

Polytan wish Emma a pleasant and speedy recovery, so she can get back on the rugby field to play the game she loves.



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