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Cleaning or upgrading your sports surface

When your sports surface is looking a little worse for wear, you might think it needs replacing or upgrading. This can be expensive and time consuming, but sometimes it might not be necessary. This is because all Polytan sports surfaces we install are provided with a comprehensive after-sales service.

What this means is that you won’t need to spend your money on a new surface when it starts to look dirty or old, because our professional team can  rejuvenate it. We have all the right equipment to expertly clean and maintain your sports surface. After all, who better to assess the condition of your sports surface than the people who designed it?

Maintaining your sports surface optimises its longevity

To keep your sports surface in tip-top shape and to maximise its longevity, we recommend a twice-annual inspection. This can be performed by our support staff or by your facility staff but needs to be in strict accordance with Polytan’s Maintenance and Operating Manual. This ensures the inspections are performed correctly and  nothing is missed that could jeopardise the quality of your sports surface.

What’s included in Polytan’s professional service?

If you want to perform your own inspections, we can train your facility staff, providing all the assistance and advice they need to perform their duties. This is a service we provide to all of our customers for the life of the sports surface. However, if you want Polytan’s support team to perform these inspections, we will do so, in the following way.

Inspections: This is a full track inspection where our team spends a significant amount of time inspecting your sports surface and any athletic equipment, for example take-off boards, pole vault inserts, and so on. We present you with a full report regarding the surface’s condition.

Recommended repairs: Following the inspection and a review of the surface’s condition, we will advise you of any repairs required. These repairs relate to enhancing the athletes’ performance and increasing the longevity of the surface. Any recommended repairs are noted in the report.

Pressure cleaning: Our support team performs a professional pressure clean of your sports surface every year, removing the build-up of dirt, debris and algae. This accumulation of dirt, debris and algae not only ages your sports surface, but makes it look neglected and old. Our quality pressure cleaning service makes your sports surface look new again and increases its performance and longevity.

Line marking: Our support team can also renew all the line markings on your sports surface, which along with a professional pressure clean  makes it look brand new once again. In fact, the combination of a pressure wash and new line marking gives outstanding results, every time. It’s like getting a completely new surface every year.

We recommend Polytan’s care & maintenance service

If you want to avoid purchasing a new sports surface too early, your best strategy is to make use of Polytan’s care and maintenance service. We keep your surface looking brand new for as long as possible. Not forgetting that if any additional work is required, for example you want to expand the sports surface and so on, we can combine this work with your scheduled maintenance. Finally, if you want your own facility staff to perform this maintenance, who better to teach them than the professionals!



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