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Big Stadium Hockey Wins SAPCA Prize and Shortlisted for Cutting Edge Sports Industry Award

Polytan Turf a Key Player in Hockey Innovation

It’s not every day that you find a hockey pitch sharing the same space as a two-hour marathon and finishing top in the innovation awards. But then neither is it every day that you see world class hockey being played in front of record crowds on what, just days before, was a rugby pitch.

Revolutionising sport and spaces, allowing the game to be played anywhere, in front of new and bigger crowds, in new environments and in a far more sustainable way, is at the heart of Big Stadium Hockey.

This is how Big Stadium Hockey earned its way onto the shortlist for the Cutting Edge Sport Award at this year’s coveted Sports Industry Awards and scooped the prize for ‘Most innovative Project’ at the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) future-gazing conference on 24 February. It’s a new space for us to play, and that’s entirely appropriate.

A game-changing solution

Big Stadium Hockey – a collective initiative spearheaded by England Hockey – drew on specialist expertise from Polytan, STRI Group, Permavoid and the FIH to provide the answer to one of hockey’s big questions. The sport’s high tech, high spec, perfectly flat surfaces have traditionally restricted the game to smaller, hockey-specific venues. A game captive to its own performance standards, how could it break free of its own walls without sacrificing the quality of its pitch and play?

It was a big challenge and Polytan – a Sport Group Company – were delighted to be a leading part of the answer. Because the answer has been a game-changing one.

The world’s first elite level portable pitch system for hockey

As part of this collaborative partnership, we developed the ground-breaking pitch technology which transformed The Stoop, home of Harlequins Rugby into a world-class hockey venue. Two international fixtures were played in front of the biggest crowds that the sport had seen in the UK since the 2012 Olympic Games. The pitch was… well, pitch perfect, despite having been a rugby pitch just days previously. The technology has been used again in Ireland and will allow hockey to return to The Stoop in May this year. It is helping to grow the game worldwide because it has given hockey the freedom to go where it wants.

Turf Responsibly: Green Technology

It’s good for players, for fans and for the game. But it goes bigger than the game. It is good for the planet. The turf used at The Stoop is Poligras Tokyo GT, which is the surface for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. This surface was designed to support Tokyo’s goal for a carbon neutral games and utilises filaments from over 60% renewable raw materials derived from sugar cane. It requires up to 65% less water than other elite surfaces, the portable pitch system uses recycled materials in its manufacturing and each system layer is reusable over and over again. The turf from The Stoop has been permanently installed at Bisham Abbey, England, meaning that not only was the turf surface the most environmentally friendly on the planet, but by being re-installed in a new location we can extend its life and legacy as well as continuing to reduce our carbon production footprint.

A win : win

Winning SAPCA’s top spot for innovation and being shortlisted for a Sports Industry Award amidst a heady line-up of cutting-edge initiatives in sport is an exciting space to be. Whether we scoop the award in April or not though, the sport of hockey and the pitch we created are in an incredibly exciting place. Because they can go anywhere now.

For more information visit:


Image of Paralympic Champion, Christie Dawes on Fearnley Dawes Athletics Centre Track

Polytan, Closing the Gap for athletes with disability

Polytan strives to break down barriers to promote inclusivity for athletes with disability at a local community sporting level. Polytan is the leader in custom-designed sports facility construction, offering the full-service of design & engineering, construction and facility maintenance.

Polytan recognises the importance of catering for sports people of all abilities. In May 2017 they developed the Fearnley Dawes Athletics Centre in Newcastle, NSW, which included a custom designed outside running lane of greater width than the average athletics track lane, to allow wheelchair-using athletes to compete against competitors without disability. Scott Westcott, Fearnley Dawes Athletics Centre Facilities Manager, marvelled as participation rates increased dramatically – in its first season the Newcastle City Little Athletics Club doubled its numbers since the resurfacing, growing from 110 to 220 Little Athletes!”

Since this revolutionary project, Polytan began making accessibility a priority in all of their projects. More recently Polytan worked with Christchurch City Council to design and construct an all-inclusive facility at the Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub in Christchurch, NZ. This facility included a seated throwing frame for discus and shot-put. This frame included ties to stabilise a wheelchair, but still allowing athletes to spin in their wheelchair to complete their throw. Polytan also designed and installed a long jump sand pit, which was widened by 720mm to provide those with a visual impairment more space for landing their jumps.

Pull Down Ties

Image of Pull Down Ties to lock in seated throwing frame

Long Jump Sand Pit where the width can be extended to help those who are visually impaired.

Image of Long Jump Sand Pit. Width can be extended to help those with a visual impairment.

Polytan has noticed that participation rates at inclusive facilities increase significantly amongst both athletes with and without disability, as communities want to support and encourage everyone to participate in sport and recreational activities.  Polytan is dedicated to educating local councils and sporting clubs/organisations on the benefits of inclusive sporting facilities and recommending features that encourage inclusivity.

“We want to see every state and territory in Australia embrace athletics tracks with dedicated wheelchair facilities.  Polytan will provide advice and education to any facility looking to become inclusive and wishing to increase sport participation for the entire community,” explains Paul Kamphuis, General Manager of Polytan Asia Pacific.

Polytan is aiming for every athletics project they design and construct to include facilities that cater for athletes with a disability to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in and enjoy their local sporting activities.

If you would like to know more about affordable ways to make your sporting venue more inclusive, contact Polytan on 1800 663 812.

IAAF changes it's name to World Athletics graphic. Text reads 25% of all IAAF crossed out and replaced with World Athletics certified tracks are by Sport Group. Rekortan 50 logo with caption below that reads 50 years of track excellence.

IAAF has changed its name to ‘World Athletics’

After 100 years the IAAF has run its last race.
Did you know the IAAF has changed its name to ‘World Athletics’?
The new name was chosen to be more easily understood outside of athletics. World Athletics gives the organization a broader positioning and is part of the sport’s modernization. The new branding is designed to be more accessible and come to life digitally.
Track certifications will change Sport Group’s brands, Polytan, APT and AstroTurf, together with our network of agents lay more than 2 million square meters of track annually so we wanted to help communicate the name change.
There is now a process to change the track certifications and World Athletics is modifying all their documents including new certification badges. Therefore, IAAF Class 1 and 2 tracks will now be certified as World Athletics Class 1 or 2.
As 25% of all World Athletic certificated tracks are by Sport Group we are also updating our materials.
It will take time to get used to the new name. The IAAF name has been around for over 100 years and Rekortan, our global track brand, has been around 50 years so they have run many races together

New website link –

Image of Polytan hockey surfacec, Poligras Tokyo GT with a Green Technology logo and text which reads "Introducing Tokyo GT a sustainable revolution in hockey turf."


Since 1969, Polytan has specialised in synthetic sports surface facility construction and have extensive experience in elite sporting venues such as the Olympic Games, World Cup and Commonwealth Games. This will be the fifth Olympics where Polytan have installed a Poligras hockey surface.

Polytan sport surfaces are made in Australia and manufactured at Polytan’s Head Office in Melbourne allowing for higher quality control.

Global warming is an undeniable issue affecting our earth through the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful air pollutants. These can have negative impacts on the environment and the Earth’s climate system. Together through environmental practises we can combat climate change and save our planet.

Tokyo and the FIH have this same green vision and in support of this Polytan have developed the first sustainable hockey surface, Poligras Tokyo GT, which was recently installed at Japan’s Oi Hockey Stadium – the 2020 Games tournament venue.

Poligras Tokyo GT is made from over 60% regrowable raw materials, saves on CO2 emissions and has reduced water consumption. The turf’s structure is also specifically adapted to a Bio Based PE formula enabling for dynamic and precise playability.

This latest green turf technology is a major breakthrough for the hockey community and introduces a Climate Positive Hockey approach for the 2020 Olympics Games and other sporting facilities around the world.

Did you know?

For every 1kg of I’m green™ polyethylene used in Polytan’s hockey fields for the games in Tokyo in 2020, almost 5kg of CO2 will be saved!

Earlier this year hockey pitches at the Townsville Hockey Complex were damaged due to a devastating flood disaster in Townsville, QLD. The Townsville Hockey Association chose Polytan to install the new eco-friendly surface at their local hockey facility.

Green solutions can save not only major facilities but ALL sporting facilities time and money while preventing the harmful effects of climate change.


Contact Polytan about your next surfacing project today!
1800 663 812

Image of Poligras Tokyo GT with Green Technology image and text reading "introducing Tokyo GT a sustainable revolution in hockey turf."


Polytan are currently installing the e-layer and Polytan’s new sustainable hockey surface, Poligras Tokyo GT for a training field at Seongham Stadium. This venue was once the hockey venue for the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games.

Seongham Stadium is about one and a half hours south of Seoul and holds up to 3,000 people, which is a significant number of seats for a hockey venue. This is the fourth installation of Polytan’s highly sought after Poligras Tokyo GT premium hockey turf within Korea.

Poligras Tokyo GT is the first hockey turf to be made from regrowable raw materials and was the chosen hockey turf for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The new surface promotes Climate Positive Hockey, as it is made from 60% sugarcane, requires 2/3 less water and saves CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. Poligras Tokyo GT was originally designed to support Tokyo’s carbon neutral vision and FIH’s commitment to sustainable hockey.

The I’m Green polyethylene was originally developed by Braskem, as they realised sugarcane could be used in more ways than one. With only one year to go until the Olympic Games the countdown is on and we can’t wait for Olympic hockey athletes to compete on the new carbon neutral hockey surface.

Back in 1988 the stadium held one of the most iconic hockey finals with West Germany and Great Britain battling it out to become triumphant. This entertaining hockey match goes down in British sporting history because against all odds Great Britain claimed their victory! Recognised as one of Britain’s most outstanding hockey players, Sean Kerly was a clear stand out for the match.

As an FIH Preferred Supplier, Polytan are well known for providing the highest quality hockey surfaces worldwide.

This is yet again another sustainable hockey turf installation to add to the growing list of Poligras Tokyo GT installations worldwide.

We can’t wait to see more hockey players performing on Polytan hockey surfaces and hope to see Seongham Stadium used for an FIH tournament very soon.

Turf Responsibly.

For more on the Turf Responsibility Campaign

Check out Poligras Tokyo GT!

Image of Polytan installing the e-layer and Poligras Tokyo GT at Seongham Stadium, Korea which was the Seoul Olympic hockey venue in 1988

Image reads "For Tokyo, For the Planet. One Year to Go. Tokyo GT brings sustainable hockey to Tokyo 2020, 60% sugarcane, 2/3 less water and saves CO2. Turf Responsibly.

For Tokyo. For the Planet

There’s one year to go until the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the hockey venues are underway and on track. The competition matches will be played at Oi Hockey Stadium where construction started in late 2018 and the final surfacing was completed in June 2019.

Poligras Tokyo GT – supporting Tokyo’s carbon neutral vision

With superior player and environmental performance Poligras Tokyo GT has been chosen as the hockey turf for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Poligras Tokyo GT is the first hockey turf to be made from regrowable raw materials and was designed to support Tokyo’s ambitious carbon-neutral targets and FIH’s commitment to sustainable hockey.

The turf features breakthrough Green Technology:

  • Made from 60% sugar cane
  • Requires 2/3 less water than previous Olympic turfs

Climate Positive Hockey

‘I’m Green™ polyethylene, developed by Braskem, is a plastic obtained from ethanol derived from sugar cane that has already been processed for food. The sugar cane captures carbon dioxide from the environment, which means for every kilogram of polyethylene used in the Olympic hockey turfs almost five kilograms of CO2 will be saved.

Poligras Tokyo GT turfs have already been installed in nine countries as clubs, colleges, hockey associations and cities make the commitment to ‘turf responsibly’.

This is positive for hockey, for Tokyo and the planet.

An unrivaled Olympic history

Tokyo 2020 continues Sport Group’s long association with the Olympic Games. Sport Group’s brands, AstroTurf and Polytan have provided the hockey turfs for 9 of the 12 Olympics which have featured hockey on synthetic turf.

For more on the Turf Responsibility Campaign

Poligras Tokyo GT at Oi Hockey Stadium, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Poligras Tokyo GT at Oi Hockey Stadium, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Silhouette image of a hockey player with writing that says "23rd - 25th July National Sports Convention. Loads of prizes and giveaways. Play to Win in the NSC Activation Zone. BLK Performance Centre, Abel Sports, Polytan and JDH"

Play to win in the activation zone!

BLK Performance Centre, Abel Sports, JDH and Polytan have joined together to share the activation space opposite the Polytan Exhibit at the National Sports Convention. You’re not going to want to miss out on all the exciting competitions and prizes to be won!.

Experience what it’s like to perform on Polytan’s premium quality hockey surface, Tokyo GT in this activation space. This revolutionary and innovative surface is the first in history to be made from sugar cane and will be the system used for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games.

Stretch your legs and have some fun with these activities:

The Polytan & JDH Competition 

  • Using Polytan SmarTracks technology you will dribble a hockey ball and stick from point A to B and back again.  If you can do it faster than Jamie Dwyer – you go in the draw to win!
  • Use your skills to get your hockey ball past our goal keeper Jamie Dwyer and go into the draw to WIN a free hockey session with Olympic hockey legend, Jamie Dwyer at your local school or sporting club!
  • Spot prizes by Jamie Dwyer and his personal brand JDH will also be available throughout the event!


Abel Sports Competition 

  • Drop your business card in to Abel sports exhibition to be in the draw to take home a soccer goals from this event!


BLK Performance Centre Competition

  • Delegates will race to dress themselves with BLK Performance clothing before dribbling a hockey ball across the surface to then complete a puzzle. Once the delegate completes the puzzle they manoeuvre back to the start line. Clothing prizes, online vouchers and BLK spot prizes will be awarded to the fastest male and female competitors throughout the games. Jamie Dwyer will also be in the mix for a bit of fun during these activities. Have you ever raced against an Olympian?


If you’re attending this event then why not check out these great activities to get you moving around after the plenary sessions at the National Sports Convention?

The exhibition hall will be open all day and is free to enter.  If your attending presentations, come and see us on your lunch breaks!

For more on Polyan Competitions at the National Sports Convention. 

Visit BLK Performance Centre 

Visit Abel Sports 

Visit Jamie Dwyer Hockey (JDH)


Polytan are proud to once again be a Gold Sponsor at Australia’s leading community sport and recreation convention, The National Sports Convention.

The Sports Surfaces Industry Tour’s will kick things off on Tuesday morning and will be exploring some of Victoria’s newest and most innovative sports and facility developments.  The tour will include a visit to the Polytan and APT manufacturing facility in Dandenong South and also include a hands on demonstration of SmarTracks – the world’s leading performance diagnostics wearable system helping athletes everywhere optimize their performance.

In celebration of Polytan’s 50th anniversary, this year there will be plenty of competitions and prizes up for grabs at Polytan’s exhibit over Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th July.

How to enter?

Simply open your Polytan & Rekortan Lindt chocolate bar found in your delegate satchel to see if you have won a lucky Polytan Gold or Silver Ticket!

If you find one of these lucky tickets visit Polytan at stand 163 to collect your exclusive prize!

Image saying " Polytan Golden Ticket Competition, WIN 2 Grand Final Tickets to the AFL or NRL. Every National Sports Convention Satchel has a chance to win!"

How to enter?

To be in the draw there are two ways to enter this competition!

  #1  Panna Hockey Competition with Jamie Dwyer

Hit the hockey ball past Jamie and into the goals to go in the draw to WIN!

  #2 BEAT Jamie Dwyer on Polytan SmarTracks!

Dribble and manoeuvre the hockey ball around obstacle’s on Polytan’s elite hockey surface Tokyo GT, using the SmarTracks diagnostics system.

If you can beat Jamie’s time you go straight into the draw to WIN this awesome prize for your club or school.

Closing date and time for all Polytan National Sports Convention competitions is 5pm, Thursday 25th July 2019.

Click here to register for your Polytan and APT Sports Surfaces Industry Tour!

Win with Jamie Competition Image


Competition Terms & Conditions

* Polytan will not be liable for any injuries or medical conditions occurred while competing for these prizes at the 2019 National Sports Convention. 

* Personal contact details must be provided by the winners so Polytan can organise the winning prizes accordingly.  Refusal to comply will result in disqualification from the competition.

*Polytan Gold and Silver Ticket Prizes must be claimed in person at stand 163 by 5pm on Thursday 25th July 2019 unless otherwise advised by Polytan. After this time unclaimed prizes will be deemed null and void.

*Where prizes are posted out Polytan accept no liability for the safe and effective postal delivery of a prize.

*In certain situations subject to Polytan’s discretion a winner may designate a representative to collect their prize. The representative will be asked to provide written authorisation from the winner and identification for both the winner and representative.

*Where a winner chooses not to accept a prize, they forfeit any and all claims to that prize, which will be dealt with at Polytan’s discretion.

*All prizes are accepted at the risk of the winner and Polytan excludes all warranties in connection with any prize.

*Competitors may be required by Polytan to participate in a promotional photo, video and/or film session and acknowledge that Polytan has the right to use such publicity photos, videos and/or films, unless the contestant informs Polytan at the time of entering that they wish to retain their anonymity. 

*Any photos, videos, film/footage, audio/recording taken of competitors become the property of Polytan, which may be used where Polytan sees fit.

*Prizes are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.

* Golden Ticket winners have the choice of either two (2) AFL Grand Final Tickets held in Victoria, or two (2) NRL Grand Final Tickets to be held in New South Wales.

*Only Australian and New Zealand residents are permitted enter.  

*The field hockey training session with Jamie Dwyer (prize), can only be scheduled to take place within Australia or New Zealand, will run for a maximum of 2 hours, and be made for a mutually agreeable date and time with Polytan, Jamie Dwyer and the recipient.

Birds eye view image of Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub athletics track, hockey pitches and tennis courts


In 2011 the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ destroyed the community’s surrounding sporting facilities, but not their hope or determination!

The Christchurch City Council decided they wouldn’t let this natural disaster affect the community’s opportunity to participate in sport. This was when the idea for once central location catering for many different sports including hockey, tennis, athletics was born.

Under the head contract of HEB Construction Ltd, Polytan installed the sports surfaces for 2 FIH Certified hockey pitches, 1 IAAF nine lane athletics track and 12 ITF tennis courts to create the Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub.

These high-quality elite sporting surfaces were manufactured by APT Asia Pacific in Australia at their ISO:9001 approved factory in Dandenong South, VIC.

The facility was awarded with the prestigious Alan Berry Achievement Award at the 2019 SportGroup Agent Conference. This award recognises sporting facilities that encourage those from grassroots to play and develop hockey on a local level.

The new Sports Hub has already held FIH Pro League matches, local hockey matches for the Canterbury Hockey Club and local athletics competition, as well as other local sporting initiatives.

The Cantebury Hockey Club are enjoying the new hockey pitch surfaces:

It’s fantastic to see the hockey community back here and playing together. Reports on the facility have been absolutely awesome and we look forward to using it in its full capacity” – Chris Leslie, Former New Zealand hockey player & High-Performance Manager of Canterbury Hockey Club (CHC).

The Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub brings a new sense of hope and inspiration to the Christchurch community through sport.

Sport Surfaces Installed by Polytan:

Athletics Track – Rekortan G-13

Hockey Pitches – Poligras Platinum COOLplus

 Tennis Courts – Laykold Masters


Image of Nga Puna Wai Polytan athletics track straight

Birds Eye View of 2 FIH Certified hockey pitches installed by PolytanBirds Eye View of Laykold Masters tennis courts installed by Polytan

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