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Australian officials selected for FIH Pro League in 2019!

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The International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that within the team of officials for this year 2019 FIH Pro League there will be eight Australians who will be involved in the kick off of this year’s event. Congratulations to Adam Kearns and Aleisha Neumann (umpires), Shayley McGurk-Davy, Joshua Burt, Tammy Standley and Adam Webster (technical officials) and Minka Woolley and Don Prior (umpire administrators).

Top 7 athletes who might emerge in 2019!

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In the light of 2018, we have witnessed many spectacular performances that make us believe that we will surely see the rise of new stars in this amazing sports industry that will woo us with their transcendent moves and stellar performances.

You may have seen many athletes in 2018 that have got national prominence. Some breakout players also waited until championship games to make their stamp. Around the world, there are lots of fresh personalities waiting for a big mark on their sport.

Here’s a list to keep an eye on some emerging athletes who seem ready to have breakout performances in 2019.

1. Kyle Brazell: He is the most popular Australian cricketer who has won the award for Young South Australian picks up player-of-the-tournament. He always tries to hit to the fence when it comes to batting.

2. Izak Rankine: He is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for the Gold Cost Football Club in the Australian Football League.

3. Frenkie de Jong: He is an international soccer player and a midfielder for the Netherlands who could play an important role at the inaugural Nations League finals in June.

4. Vashti Cunningham: She is an American track and field athlete who has expertise in the high jump. She is a daughter of retired National Football League quarterback Randall Cunningham. She will be a most loved at the world track championships in Doha, Qatar, which is starting in late September.

5. Dallas Mavericks guard/forward Luka Doncic: He is a professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association.

6. Nick Bosa: He is recognized as the pass rusher of Ohio State. He is anticipated by some to be the outstanding choice in the NFL draft.

7. Jin-Young Ko: She is also known as Ko Jin-Young and a South Korean professional golfer who wraps up the LPGA Rookie of the year. She has won four times on the LPGA of Korea and has been included inside the main 30 in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.

Every great athlete among these has one thing in common that they all indulge in a competition that bounces them to an important aspect that is often overlooked and that is the turf they are performing on. Being one of the best and most reputed artificial turf providers, Polytan offers a wide range of high-quality synthetic turf and sports pitches


Naracoote Hockey Pitch. Polytan installed the Poligras H2Oz sand dressed synthetic hockey system


The installation of the Poligras H2Oz sand dressed synthetic hockey system is complete with players and officials at Naracoorte keen to get on and try out their new pitch.

There is still a little bit of work to do with fencing and the player dugouts and tech bench to be completed in the coming weeks with everything ready for the start of the 2019 hockey season.

Naracoote Hockey Pitch. Polytan installed the Poligras H2Oz sand dressed synthetic hockey system


Great thanks to Gambier Earth Movers for engaging Polytan to supply and install the in-situation shock pad and synthetic surface and special thanks to Conor Dunne from GEM for his tireless efforts and assistance throughout the works.

Our thanks and congratulations also to the committee of the Naracoorte District Hockey Association for their patience and persistence for many years of hard work in making their hockey dream become a reality.

Thank you to Jim Allen and Associates for managing the project on behalf of the NDHA and helping to deliver a fantastic new hockey pitch in Naracoorte to be enjoyed by players in the region for decades to come.





It was all eyes and ears when works began in August 2017, as locals wondered what was happening to their empty park. Little did they realise this once empty reserve would become a spectacular AFL/CA and FIFA Quality certified field suitable for AFL, Soccer and Cricket playability.


The City of Stonnington awarded Polytan as the chosen surface provider for the high quality LigaTurf RS + COOLplus.

This environmentally friendly heavy metal free surface was created in Melbourne, Australia meaning the council could rely on a high quality and durable product that is willing to stand the test of time.

For more on LigaTurf RS + 260 COOLplus https://aptasiapacific.com.au/sports/soccer/ 

Night image of Gardiner Park, Glen Iris AFL and Soccer field


The COOLplus technology in this yarn reduces the surface temperature allowing for a surface that won’t get so hot in those summer months. This yarn is also protected to the highest level from any UV degradation.


The high-tech drainage cell ensures that athletes are able to play and perform well in all conditions. Without this superior drainage cell system, the surface would soak up rain making it sluggish and slow to play on.

Image of Gardiner Park, Glen Iris AFL and Soccer Field


The Shockpad Pro Play 23 sits above the drainage cell and below the yarn backing to keep the surface rigid. This added layer of protection allows athletes to play as hard as they like. This enables athletes to purely focus on the game at hand, knowing they will be protected by the durable surface and shock absorbing synthetic grass surface.

Image of Soccer and AFL football in front of goals at Gardiner Park, Glen Iris, Victoria


Drivers will have to take extra care and keep their eyes on the road for as long as they can when passing Gardiner Park, Stonnington on the Monash Freeway because this new facility is bound to catch your attention!

Wheelchair competitors playing at a BSF Asia related event

First Ever Disabled Sporting Event in Ipoh!


The first ever disabled sporting event was held in Ipoh this month and this is only one way BSF Asia are continually developing their vision of improving the lives of those with disabilities through inclusive sport participation.


This event in Ipoh, Malaysia is the first ever attempt by the state government to work with non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) including BSF Asia to provide and support the organising of sporting events for the disabled community. The local government was ecstatic with this first ever disabled sporting event in Malaysia.


Alongside private companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), government bodies and Malaysian sporting bodies including the National Paralympic Committee (NPC), BSF Asia are creating more new pathways for those with disabilities.


Together with Halcyon Agri, BSF Asia presented a number of Paralympic sports at this event:

  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Boccia
  • Wheelchair Fencing
  • Disabled Lawn Bowls
  • Blind Soccer

This event has provided those with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a range of sports to empower sport development and inclusiveness.  Sports can assist the disabled in gaining confidence and accomplishing rewarding sporting achievements.


BSF Paralympic athletes mentioned sport has dramatically transformed their lives for the better, which reflects BSF’s moving motto “Sport Changes Lives.”


BSF Asia and Polytan both share the vision that sports can unite all people including the disabled and provide a comfortable environment for sharing participation and achievements.


Visit the BSF Asia website for more on how BSF Asia are changing peoples lives through sport.


BSF Asia Wheelchair Event


FIH Pro League Banner Announcing Polytan's involvement with the event

2019 – First Year of the FIH Pro League


Taking the place of the Champions Trophy, World League Semi Finals, World League Semi Finals and World League Final 2019, is the new international hockey event of the year – the FIH Pro League!

From Saturday 19 January – Sunday 30 June nine of the best national men and women teams will compete for the first year of this newly established event.

These nine teams will compete in many countries around the globe including Argentina, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United States of America.